Birthers Allowed On TeeVee To Point At Birth Certificate, Give 'Equal Opinion'


Pamela Geller is best known for hating Muslims, but she can be called in to provide the equal-time case for other forms of bigotry too. Here we see Fox Business channel, which is ostensibly a channel about business, but which has apparently seen the need to make a huge copy of the president's birth certificate so they can gesticulate at it. But this is fair! The panel's liberal can gesticulate at it to prove how real it seems, if she thinks that's going to help her ridiculous case that the president has a birth certificate.

And here is Alex Jones, who is very reluctant to talk about this, but c'mon, one of his "Photoshop guys," the only one whose ponytail was presentable enough to go on camera, says it's laughable how poorly Photoshopped this document that was released by the state of Hawaii is.

The scramble to have an opinion on why facts aren't facts is always a profitable enterprise these days, but the birthers should be commended on their continued fealty to misinformation and casual bigotry. [Media Matters/YouTube]


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