Nation's Travelers Can Return to Being Inconvenienced By TSA Now That Air Traffic Controllers Back to Work


Who says Congress cannot agree on anything? This ispatently untrue because your Wonkette has easily found three instances of broad bipartisan consensus. They are:

1. The fact that T.V. commercials were too damn loud.

2. Israel is our very best friend forever.

3.  The fact that air traffic control furloughs lead to massive inconvenience for members of Congress as well as the nation's business travelers.

But whose FAULT is it that the sequester led to the furlough of 1500 air traffic controllers? Is it:

a) Obama's fault, for supporting this stupid plan in the first place,

b) Obama's fault, for giving all of our money to Egypt ,

c) Obama's fault, for wanting the American people to suffer,

d) Obama's fault, for playing politics in a shameful fashion.

Duh, the answer is "all of the above," and also, it is the fault of the FAA for the "extravagant" work environment it provides its employees.

Whatever, there is a useful lesson here, and it is that Congress can only act quickly and in a bipartisan fashion when its constituent members find themselves personally inconvenienced . Democracy IN ACTION!



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