Naughty Weiner Makes MSNBC Anchor Droid Say Naughty Word


Today's Keep Fucking That Chicken Award for a newscaster making a total boner live on the air goes to genial lunkhead Thomas Roberts of MSNBC. This morning while talking about Anthony Weiner's penis with a panel of generic-looking white people (we believe their names are "Yes," "Hell Yes," and "Not Even in College While Drunk") Roberts played a clip of Weiner's online paramour Sydney Leathers telling her story to Howard Stern and then said, "This chick is so batshit," leading to much gasping and giggling and probably some high-fives from all his bros over bottles of Budweiser Black Crown at some SoHo cigar bar after the show. Tune in tomorrow when Roberts will have his foot permanently sewn into his mouth, live, without anesthetic.

[Talking Points Memo]


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