Nazi School Dropout Madison Cawthorn Scares Conservative Youth Stupid

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Nazi School Dropout Madison Cawthorn Scares Conservative Youth Stupid

During his appearance at Charlie Kirk’s Turning Point USA conferencewhich just won't stop giving! — Rep. Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina promoted the benefits of remaining white, young, and incurably ignorant.

Here’s the video evidence if you wish to torture yourself by listening to him speak:

First, Cawthorn whines that people consider him a “radical” just because his only “policy ideas” are that everyone should be Christian, marry young, and have as many (white) children as possible.

CAWTHORN: I genuinely care about dining room politics. I care about that young family sitting around the dining room table and what they’re thinking about as they’re watching their children eat.

This young family is probably thinking that their kids are splitting a single pea five ways because they’re broke, and Republicans like Cawthorn will happily keep them in poverty until they die.

Cawthorn’s fantasy couple was also worried about sending their kids to a “good school.” This led to the predictable dig at public education. He recommended that parents home school their kids, because that is something parents with five jobs between them can do. Also, weren’t conservatives complaining that schools were closed during the pandemic?

CAWTHORN: I think you should home school. I was home schooled all the way through.

Fair enough. How did that work out for the congressman?

CAWTHORN: I am proudly a college dropout.


CAWTHORN: If you are not becoming a doctor or lawyer or engineer, I highly encourage you to drop out.

Nice that Cawthorn respects the academic credentials necessary for at least three professions. Personally, I think home school proponents should go all in and only seek treatment from “home” doctors. That’s sort of already happening among the “do their own research” crowd. Hell, we might all be happier if Kyle Rittenhouse’s mother had "home lawyered" him during his murder trial.

Cawthorn declared higher education a “scam,” and if he actually believed it, he’d support immediate student debt relief for innocent victims of liberal indoctrination between toga parties.

Look, Cawthorn would’ve been an asshole even if he’d completed college. I don’t think college dramatically changes a person, despite what conservatives fear, but rather reveals and enhances their true self. Education is like the super soldier serum.

It’s also reasonable to advocate for other pathways to success than a college degree, but Cawthorn and Rep. Lauren Boebert specifically argue against college education. There’s no respect for personal choice. If you go to college, you’ll get warped into a liberal, apparently, because a conservative’s will is nothing compared to a tenured “woke” history professor.


Boebert randomly tweeted a few weeks ago: “20 percent of the population is trying to indoctrinate the other 80 percent to believe that 2000 years of history, structure, cultural norms, and philosophy is suddenly wrong because they took a liberal arts course in college once and their neo-Marxist professor told them so.”

This fool’s denouncing college based on shallow rightwing stereotypes. She also seems to think college history only covers the past 2000 years. It’s also hilarious that she thinks there’s a “liberal arts” course, like Liberal Arts 101 or Intro to Liberal Indoctrination.

Donald Trump famously said during the 2016 GOP primaries that he “loves the poorly educated,” but while his administration was staffed with morons, a good number of them had Harvard degrees. This includes working-class heroes Stephen Bannon, Jared Kushner, Mike Pompeo, and Kayleigh McEnany.

But this isn’t about choosing to go to college or not. Republicans like Cawthorn and Boebert want to limit your options so the only path you can follow is theirs. You don’t need a college degree to know that sucks.

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