Nearly Half of Americans Cannot Name A Single GOP Presidential Candidate

Nearly Half of Americans Cannot Name A Single GOP Presidential Candidate

A newPew Research poll shows that just less than half (46%) of Americans still stare off into space like drugged goats when asked to name even one, just one, awful Republican candidate for President, hooray! Despite the combined record-level 104 hours Americans spend each month at home consuming media/trolling Ebay auctions on the Intarwebs and melting their brains in front of the teevee sets, this according to the poll report is a fairly "normal" level of widespread ignorance/apathy compared to previous campaign cycles, with the important (?) caveat that this slim majority win for basic news literacy was cobbled together by adding up the pathetic recognition rates for individual GOP candidates that nobody likes enough to even remember by name. Sad hair clown Rick Perry "won" this contest out of the entire field with only 28% of Americans having any idea who the hell he is.

From the Pew Poll:

At this stage in the 2000 and 1996 Republican campaigns, far more named George W. Bush (54%) and Bob Dole (51%) than can recall the name of any of the current Republican candidates.

While Perry and Romney are running nearly even in mentions, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann is running third with 15%. Herman Cain is mentioned by 9%, Ron Paul by 7% and Newt Gingrich by 6%. The other candidates are mentioned by 3% or fewer.

Whoever these 85% of Americans that have never even heard of Michele Bachmann are, we are jealous of them. [Pew Research Center]


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