New Allegations Say Cheney Was a Dick


From the wonderful, unverified world of Reddit IAmA:

Cheney was a dick in several ways. He was always late, 15 min at least. He never saluted except in one occasion when there was mass publicity. He was always grouchy and left a mess in the helicopter. Also, part of our job was making sure the back of the plane was stocked with snacks and whatnot and he would take every packet of peanuts he could find! I even tested it one time and I put 12 packs, 12!, in the back...all gone. This sounds dumb but it was just one small thing to irk a crew chief...because that meant you had to restock them all which was a pain.

What a mess! Peanut packets and bloodied 10-year-old Guantanamo detainees left all over the cabin! Also, it's generally not safe to conduct satanic rituals while an aircraft is in flight. But what does he care? He can't die. [Reddit via The Awl]


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