New Governor Turning Louisiana Into Socialist Hellhole, With Healthcare

Watch out, Louisiana, socialism's coming for you

Man, Louisiana's shiny new Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards is not wasting any time cleaning up the big mess left by the last governor, Bobby Don't-Hyphenate-Me-Bro Jindal (R-Irrelevant And Soon Forgotten). Pro-life Jindal did everything he could to ensure the citizens of his state were free to die from lack of healthcare, for freedom. Especially the lady poors. Gov. Edwards, however, is a big fan of tyranny, so just look what he's doing to the oppressed citizens of the Bayou State:

God, he's worse than Hitler. Or maybe even Obama. And just wait'll you hear his cockamamie reasoning for taking free money, graciously donated by makers in blue states to takers in red states, so his people can finally go to the doctor and get that weird rash checked:

Edwards, the first Democrat to hold the office of governor in Louisiana since 2008, said he planned to begin accepting federal funding on Tuesday to expand healthcare to residents through the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

"Your tax dollars should not be going to one of the 30 other states that have expanded Medicaid when we are one of the states that expansion will help the most," Edwards, 49, said during the address.

As one of the deadbeat welfare states that doesn't pay its fair share because it's too busy sitting around watching the soaps and eating Bon Bons and crab legs, from its refrigerator, Louisiana doesn't really give much of its tax dollars to any of those other states. Hell, it can't even afford to pay its own bills.

[contextly_sidebar id="s7CA2IMnXuPR8TV7ZOsmqw0WrhlKjHKD"]But that's OK because the bleeding-heart libtards in all the elitist coastal states are happy to help those independent, personal responsibility, bootstrap-pullers get some basic healthcare even though, yes, it is the same thing as tyranny and slavery and it makes Jesus cry and also the founding fathers and oooooh, bad things will happen, any day now, you'll see. YOU'LL SEE.

[contextly_sidebar id="wrvWyT8nmH7FBI18JJ57t4u9hQMDyPzh"]So hooray for you, Louisiana. Since you decided to not to elect dirty diaper David Vitter to be your new oppressive leader, you're getting some sweet socialist healthcare coming your way. Even if you don't have a lot of money because ex-Gov. Jindal tried to chase away all the businesses that have gay-friendly cooties. Now, thanks to Gov. Edwards, you can finally afford to have someone look at that rash. Which, seriously, Louisiana, you need to do ASAP because you are covered head to toe with that shit.



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