New Mexico Mayor Got Drunk At Work, Or, 'How Building Contracts Are Made'

Sunland Park mayor Martin Resendizgot blitzed with a group of business executives one evening after work, and the inevitable sexytime things occurred, if only anyone can recall what they were. A tub of Crisco, some temporary tattoos and an iguana, maybe? No one remembers those things, seriously. Nine months later At some point a while after that, the company that owns these business executives showed up on the mayor's doorstep with a lawsuit demanding the money he owed them for "the building contracts" that Resendiz signed that night. "Haha, good joke," he said (probably). "What contracts? I used a condom?" No, Sloppy Joe! He did not, and so now he owes this company one million dollars in taxpayer child support for brand new building projects that Resendiz and everybody else never wanted. TA-DA! The miracle of construction begins anew.

From the Albuquerque Journal:

Sunland Park Mayor Martin Resendiz admitted in court-related proceedings that he was drunk when he signed nine contracts with a California company suing the city for $1 million.

“The day I signed … I had way too much to drink. It was after 5 p.m. and I signed it (the contracts) and I didn’t know what I was signing,” Resendiz wrote in response to questions from lawyers for the architectural design firm Synthesis+. “My sister had to pick me up.”

The lawsuit claims the company is owed $1 million for work performed under the nine contracts. The city contends the contracts were not valid because they weren’t approved by the City Council.

Resendiz said during a deposition that he had been drinking with company executives at a local restaurant and that he didn’t read the documents, ask for copies or for time to study them.

Resendiz is also planning to run for Congress. That is all. [Albuquerque Journal]


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