'New' Oil Spill In Gulf of Mexico Is From BP Deepwater Horizon Well, Of Course


So, about that plugged oil well at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico that was the Disaster of the Summer last year? It is leaking again, a lot, and despite days/weeks of the usual lies from BP and the BP enabling agents of the federal and state governments, the Mobile Press Register's independent scientific review of the "new" oil spill samples proves that the stuff is gushing out of last year's glory hole again.

MOBILE, Alabama -- Scientific analysis has confirmed that oil bubbling up above BP’s sealed Deepwater Horizon well in recent days is a chemical match for the hundreds of millions of gallons of oil that spewed into the Gulf last summer.

The Press-Register collected samples of the oil about a mile from the well site on Tuesday and provided them to Ed Overton and Scott Miles, chemists with Louisiana State University.

Because we were running a little short on American Disasters this week .... [AL.com via ace business/politics (same thing) reporter Lizzie O'Leary]


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