New Orleans Evicts Remaining Toxic FEMA Trailer Dwellers

New Orleans Evicts Remaining Toxic FEMA Trailer Dwellers
  • From the noble Brownstones of Brooklyn to the hilltop villas of Malibu that fall onto incoming traffic whenever there's a mudslide, America is full of architectural gems. So it's rather worrisome that New Orleans officials are planning to rid their city of the last remaining FEMA trailers -- national treasures which are widely recognized as horrible and "all the proof you need that George W. Bush hates black/poor people." Christ, these are probably the same vintage trailers (circa 2006) that contain obscene levels of toxic formaldehyde gas. Are people really still living in these poisonous tin cans? And is there any remaining doubt that we are a Failed State? Good grief, "Happy New Year." [AP]
  • Diligent TSA security heroes arrested a terrorist who was just moments away from boarding an airplane and killing everyone! Just kidding. They arrested some lady in Idaho who had a baggy of meth in her pocket. [McClatchy]

  • "Police are on the hunt for at least one thug who ripped off and later dismembered a 7-foot-tall plywood Christmas gingerbread man." This is why we can't have nice things. [Boston Herald]


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