New Website Recreates Glenn Beck's Chalkboard of Paranoias


While Chicagoans (including this Wonkette writer!) await teevee miracle worker Glenn Beck's arrival for the"Right Nation 2010: Scooters' Revenge" festival later this month, a Thugtown web designer has created "Glenn Beck Warned Us About ..." -- a joke-meme that mixes and matches Beck's favorite words to form brand-new things to cry about. Social media genius? Obviously!

To change the words on the chalkboard, all you have to do is go clicky-clicky where it says REFRESH, and shazam. We tried it out and got the fear-phrases "anchor ketchup," "socialized mosques," and "uppity oligarchies." Do the clicky-clicky and see what you get. Go on, don't be scared -- using the site is free/socialist. [Glenn Beck Warned Us About ...]


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