Mean New York AG Won't Let Alex Jones Sell Magic Anti-Coronavirus Toothpaste, Unfair!

Mean New York AG Won't Let Alex Jones Sell Magic Anti-Coronavirus Toothpaste, Unfair!

Alex Jones has not had a very good week. On Monday night, he got a DWI when he was pulled over by police after a domestic disturbance call stemming from Jones and his wife having a fight at a sushi restaurant. Jones had reportedly walked three miles back to his home after dinner, where the fight continued, and then took the car out for a drive, resulting in the stop. The police found that while Jones blew a 0.79, which was just under the legal limit of 0.8, his eyes were glassy, he was swaying and he failed the "Walk & Turn" and "One Leg Stand" sobriety field tests. To be fair, this could just be Jones' natural way of being.

Naturally, Jones suspected this could all be part of a global conspiracy, and explained this on his show on Tuesday.

"I'm not giving the globalists power, I'm not drinking a damn drop of alcohol again," Jones said, decrying the media treatment surrounding his arrest. "I'm not accusing people of something, but, man, dude, I didn't even get a buzz in the Japanese restaurant eating sushi with my wife. So, I'm suspicious."

He also claimed he has to take depressants like alcohol in order to "suppress how empowered" he is and how much he likes to eat enchiladas and fly in helicopters.

"I'm empowered by freedom. I have to take depressants like alcohol to suppress how empowered I am, because I'm into freedom," Jones said. "I'm a human being, man. I'm a pioneer, I'm a father. I like to fight. I like to eat enchiladas. I like to cruise around in a boat, like to fly around in helicopters, I like to kick tyrant's ass politically. So that's where I stand. And they're probably going to drop the case."

Sure, why not! We feel like we've heard something like this from Jones before, but that time it was chili, not enchiladas. Oh well, anyway. Also did you hear he's slow-danced with girls, and also killed people? He says!

After explaining all this, Jones ran a commercial for his colloidal silver supplements to prevent coronavirus. Then, on Wednesday, Jones ran a segment imploring people to buy his magic colloidal silver toothpaste for the same purpose.

Via Media Matters:

I'm not going to belabor this, I'm just going to tell you that for just your daily life and your gums and your teeth for regular viruses and bacteria, the patented nanosilver we have, the Pentagon has come out and documented and Homeland Security has said this stuff kills the whole SARS-corona family at point blank range. Well of course it does, it kills every virus. But they found that. This is 13 years ago. And the Pentagon uses the product we have. And the product we have in private label is about to be in Walmart, coming up. They've just ordered a massive crap ton, not the one they have, but this even better one that we have. So I'm just saying we're always cutting edge, thank to God. I just go with the research, go with the spirit and we always have it. The nanosilver toothpaste in the Superblue with the tea tree and the iodine that's -- the Superblue is amazing. And then we have the whitening toothpaste that has the nanosilver and a lot more as well. Those are both excellent, they are at, they're still discounted despite all the hell breaking loose.

And that's where he fucked up again.

Because now, Jones is in trouble with New York State Attorney general Letitia James, who has been coming down hard this month on anyone selling coronavirus-related snake oil products. On Wednesday she sent him a cease-and-desist letter demanding he stop.

Via The New York State Office of the Attorney General:

"As the coronavirus continues to pose serious risks to public health, Alex Jones has spewed outright lies and has profited off of New Yorkers' anxieties," said Attorney General James. "Mr. Jones' public platform has not only given him a microphone to shout inflammatory rhetoric, but his latest mistruths are incredibly dangerous and pose a serious threat to the public health of New Yorkers and individuals across the nation. If these unlawful violations do not cease immediately, my office will not hesitate to take legal action and hold Mr. Jones accountable for the harm he's caused. Any individual, company, or entity that deceives the public and preys on innocent civilians will pay for their unlawful actions."

Also on Wednesday, James sent out a cease-and-desist letter to The Silver Edge, another colloidal silver shilling company, and another to Dr. Sherill Sellman, who has been selling colloidal silver products both on her website and on televangelist Jim Bakker's show. This past weekend, James sent a cease-and-desist letter to Bakker himself.

Letitia James is not fucking around here. She is also asking for people to report any fake coronavirus cures they see to her office so that she can crack down on them as well.

What she's doing is actually really important. In situations like this, almost everyone becomes susceptible to indulging in a little bit of this kind of "Eh, what could it hurt?" magical thinking. But it can hurt. If people think this stuff will protect them from coronavirus, they may be more likely to take risks they would not take otherwise. Additionally, colloidal silver is bad for you. Not only can it cause argyria — meaning it can turn your skin blue or silver — but it can also cause poor absorption of certain medications, including antibiotics and thyroxin (for thyroid conditions).

There is currently no "cure," FDA-approved or otherwise, for coronavirus. Just keep washing your hands and stay away from other people as much as you can.

[New York State Office of the Attorney General]

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