New York City Spending One Million A Day To Protect Donald Trump, But It's Cool Because He's Not Black

Donald Trump doesn't much care for the cow town of Washington DC. He likes New York City, because it is full of culture and golden toilets.

New York City does not particularly return his affection.

But that's not stopping the city from ponying up more than $1 million a day in policing costs outside his Fifth Avenue garbage hoard.

Aside from the money, which, again, is ONE MILLION DOLLARS PER DAY,

The police have set up barricades around Trump Tower at 56th Street and 5th Avenue, smack in the middle of the city. While a block of 56th street has basically been closed to traffic, 5th Avenue remains open, although the traffic flow on that major thoroughfare has been affected.

And as Trump moves through the city, police need to close streets accordingly. For example, the Lincoln Tunnel was closed to traffic on Friday afternoon during rush hour when Trump traveled to New Jersey.

That sounds TERRIBLE! And Melania and Barron are planning to stay in New York at least through the end of the school year!

We at Wonkette just thank God Donald Trump is not black, because we remember once when Barack Obama took his wife to dinner for Valentine's Day and people were totally chill about it and not bizarrely racist at all!

  • Oh how disgusting!!!! Too bad the Obama train wreck has the economy in shambles high unemployment higher taxes and less disposable income for 99% of Americans but the king and queen are living the high life on our dime!! Shameful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • My spouse and I had a Valentine’s dinner date too but it didn’t cost the taxpayers one cent.
  • How much is this date going to cost the tax payers? His weekend date to Manhatten years ago, cost a cool $100,000. Why doesn’t he just stay home and plan a nice WH dinner for the two of them, would be cheaper.
  • Another lobster dinner at taxpayer’s expense. Movin’ on up!
  • chittlins and hamhocks with collards and uncle tom cakes is what they hads
  • My wife and I had mac and cheese with cut up hotdog’s for our valentines dinner. I wonder what the king and queen had for their valentines dinner?
  • Out on the town….Spending OUR LAST DIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Disgusting & Despicable!!! the both of them…… Time to start moving off of “MASSA’S Obama-Plantation-Nation”!!!
    • We left out all the really racist ones for you. We also remember when Michelle Obama's mother moved with the First Family into the White House and people were mad she would use extra electricity and laundry supplies, but we can't find the link now because there's a new fake news story about how Marian Robinson, Barack's mother-in-law, is getting a $160,000 pension (she's not, but when has that stopped your Facebook friends?), and all the links about that bitch about electricity and laundry, so the original is lost in the sands of time and Google.

      Oh well oops.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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