New York Mets Allegedly Fire Lady Exec For Forming Babby Out Of Wedlock

A former executive for the New York Baseball Mets is suing Mets COO Jeff Wilpon for ALLEGEDLY firing her because she got preggers out of wedlock. Leigh Castergine was the head of the Mets' ticket sales office, and she was doing the absolute best she could considering that the Mets play terrible baseball at a terrible park in a terrible part of Queens. Casterigne performed her duties while with child, and her lawsuit alleges that Wilpon harassed and humiliated her for failing to lasso herself a man before producing her bastard offspring. Newsday brings us this blockquote.

"I am as morally opposed to putting an e-cigarette sign in my ballpark as I am to Leigh having this baby without being married," Wilpon said, according to the lawsuit.

Castergine's lawsuit says Wilpon also made fun of her by pretending to look for an engagement ring on her finger at meetings, and trashed her to colleagues by saying that "people would respect her more if she was married."

Solid moral equivalency there, Jeff Wilpon! Doesn't he sound like a fun boss? Making jokes about a pregnant woman's marital status is a sure sign of an excellent, non-sexist sense of humor. What other funny "jokes" did Wilpon tell about his subordinate?

The suit alleged Wilpon told her to tell her boyfriend "that when she gets a ring she will make more money and get a bigger bonus." [...] Castergine was fired Aug. 26, three minutes after her lawyer sent an email to the team claiming that she was being discriminated against, the lawsuit said.

Knock knock.

Who's there?

Your annual bonus.

Your annual bonus who?

Your annual bonus that would be so much bigger if you were married! Also, you are fired, please collect your things.

Oh ho, oh ho ho ho, our sides, Jeff Wilpon, our sides! You can read the full lawsuit here if you can't get enough of Jeff Wilpon's awesome workplace demeanor, or if you want to see a former Mets exec casting shade on the team's horrible on-the-field product ("Casterigne faced significant challenges in her new job [...] The Team has not had a winning season since 2008 [...] the Team has finished near the bottom of its division for three consecutive years, and is on pace to do so again in 2014. [...Mets Owner] Fred Wilpon described the 2011 Mets as a 'shitty team.'")

The Mets are an organization that's still paying Bobby Bonilla millions of dollars for not playing baseball since 2001, so perhaps Jeff Wilpon is simply introducing some fiscal sanity to his team's balance sheet. Or maybe he's a sexist jerk who rose to his position as an MLB executive by doing the hard work of being the son of the team's owner, we don't know, we are neither a doctor nor a lawyer nor a baseball man.

Casterigne's suit claims that she is the first woman senior vice president in the Mets' 52-year history, and at this rate, she may be the last. PREGNANT WOMEN, is Jeff Wilpon allegedly right, or is he allegedly right? Knowledgable baseball folks expect the Wilpon family to settle with Casterigne in a manner that will hamstring the team's competitiveness for years to come.


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