New York Parks Department Gets In On Hot Hot Sexual Harassment Action


Municipal departments, you are prolly sad becausethe military has been getting all the best-est sexual harassment dudes. How will you hire enough creepy dudes to do whatever it is you do at the Parks Department when the military has taken them all? Never fear, because there appears to be an enormous fucking surplus of these kinds of guys and the New York Parks Department has made sure to hire some guys that will engage in some good old-fashioned quid pro quo casting-couch "you want a job don't you?" sexual harassment.

For years, as the official holiday party took place on the second floor of the low-level Parks Department building, Cafaro, Figueroa, another male supervisor and several other male workers would set up the X-rated recreation a flight below, sources said.

The crew fashioned a temporary stripper’s pole out of a huge wire spool and pieces of wood left in the telecommunications room. A short ladder was set up to allow access to the pole platform, and once the booze started flowing, women were encouraged to climb up.

According to one female worker, a man at last year’s Christmas party yelled: “If you want a job, get on the pole.”

PRO-TIP AND SPOILER ALERT: Even if it doesn't resolve in actual sexual harassment, it is always a bad idea if you are the boss of people to set up office party sexytime. ALWAYS. Now, did this bad idea parade begin and end with sexy office shenanigans? HAHAHA OF COURSE NOT.

There was never a direct order from Cafaro or Figueroa for the women to participate, according to the female staffers who took their complaints public. But the seasonal workers get asked back for jobs or offered permanent positions based on the recommendations of Cafaro and Figueroa, the workers said.

Many of the women are low-income single mothers, some of whom came into the job through the welfare system and are desperate to keep the seasonal positions that can run anywhere from four to six months at a time.

The most junior positions start at $9, and city seasonal workers, who Benn represents, get $14 an hour. Cafaro tacitly encouraged women to go along with the suggestive atmosphere by rewarding those who stripped down to their skivvies and danced on the pole with more work, said the female staffers.

One of the women, who started out as a temporary, six-month hire in 2009, danced on the pole at that year’s Christmas party. But when she rebuffed Cafaro’s alleged sexual overture in the elevator, she wasn’t asked back for two years. When she returned in time for last Christmas, she danced again at the annual party — and got offered a permanent position.

Exploiting women who desperately need your crappy job is just what we want from our public servants, yes? Also, too, every lady type person in the office will surely appreciate this behavior:

The city Department of Investigation launched a probe into the holiday party shenanigans. It is also investigating bombshell sexual harassment complaints, including a woman’s allegation that a supervisor accosted her when they were alone in an elevator. He lifted her shirt and ran his tongue across her stomach before shoving his face in her crotch, according to the complaint.

Oh, so that is considered "sexual harassment" now? Man, these feminists just never stop.

Seriously, people who are the boss of people STOP BEING TERRIBLE. If you can't stop being terrible, at least try being terrible in a less creepy harass-y sort of way. Perhaps take a tip from Our Glorious Leader the Editrix and consider firing everyone each day, only to demand more work later. It gets results, and to the best of our knowledge is (sadly) not illegal. Try it!

[New York Daily News]


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