Maybe next time you don't write down the places you hope the terrorists don't attack?Thus far, the WikiLeaks cables have provided the world much needed Sarkozy and Putin gossip items, but has their appeal been broad enough to the public? Look no further: There's a list of "pipelines, communication and transport hubs" the U.S. secretly hopes won't be attacked, because that would destroy us all. WikiLeaks has now reached the critical terrorist demographic that advertisers so desperately crave. We will have many more months of leaks aimed at various segments of world society until Julian Assange has become a celebrity in the eyes of every single human on Earth, from World of Warcraft basement monsters to retired Mongolian builders to baby penguins. He will star in his own Disney Channel sitcom about living in a secret bunker with a couple of teenaged girl super-spies. (That whole rape thing will be glossed over.)

By the way, WikiLeaks says (NSFGovernmentWorkers) it tried to get the State Department to tell it which documents it should "look at with extra care" before releasing, but it refused. So if there are any national security secrets that will seriously imperil the world in these cables, they should come out in due course. And we will all have to be saved by the tween actresses on Julian's Leak Squad So Random.

Yes, months. These cables will continue to be released for months. Hope you like hearing about weird Australian dudes and the stacks of documents they have in the back of their Escort. [BBC]


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