Newsmax Host EXPOSES Democrats' SECRET PLAN To Destroy Suburbs, Burn Cheesecake Factories

Newsmax Host EXPOSES Democrats' SECRET PLAN To Destroy Suburbs, Burn Cheesecake Factories

This week, many of us were horrified by the treatment of Haitian asylum-seekers by the Department of Homeland Security, as well as by the Biden administration's decision to use a Trump-era rule to deport many of those asylum-seekers back to Haiti instead of simply beginning the asylum process. The Biden administration and the DHS have announced their intention to rebuild our asylum process and "ensure that there are safe, orderly, and humane pathways so people do not have to take the dangerous perilous journey to make a claim of asylum that our laws that Congress passed are recognized." Some refugees have been let in and allowed to start the asylum process here.

Most of us understand that the US, as part of our obligations under the 1951 Refugees Convention, has to take in a certain number of refugees and also that, simply from a moral perspective, we should take in refugees and asylum-seekers. Because they are human beings and we care about them and want them to be okay. But Grant Stinchfield of Newsmax knows what the Democratic Party's real plan is — import all of the migrants in order to murder the suburbs and then also make all of the migrants dependent on the government so they always vote for Democrats. Obligatory "muahahahahahaha."

Stinchfield explains that Joe Biden has no strong beliefs personally, but always just goes where the wind blows because of how hungry he is for power, following in the long tradition of power-hungry dictators who are also generally just "go with the flow" kind of guys.

Apparently, the incredibly power-hungry Joe Biden (as per Stinchfield) is now being guided by the "radical faction of the Democrat Party," which (according to Stinchfield) includes Susan Rice, Valerie Jarrett and, yes, Barack Obama.

Transcript via Media Matters:

So right now, the radical faction of the Democrat Party is in control. Joe Biden cozies up to them. But what may be most troubling is that I don't actually think he's deciding anything. I think the roundtable of co-conspirators consists not of Joe Biden, but of Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett and, yes, Barack Obama I'm sure is on the speakerphone.

Power-hungry dictators — always delegating, amirite? Anyway, this incredibly radical faction of Democrats has an evil plan to do evil stuff, and Grant Stinchfield is ON IT.

The goal here isn't about providing comfort and opportunity to the tens of thousands of illegal aliens coming to America. The goal is clearly to dilute America, to import poverty, and to fundamentally destroy the suburbs by turning them into migrant population centers.

Oh, this is gonna be their big thing now, isn't it? Like when Trump was freaking out about low-income housing in the suburbs and kept trying to scare the "Suburban Housewives of America" with tales of Cory Booker moving into their neighborhood, possibly to break and enter into their homes just because they are "on fire." It's so cute how they call liberals elitist and then scream in horror over the idea of people who aren't rich moving into the suburbs, because of how all poor people are murderers.

What is it that they think we are up to? Are we overcome with a blind, seething rage towards The Cheesecake Factory and all that it stands for? Do we just indiscriminately hate ... lawns? I honestly don't know. I actually like The Cheesecake Factory. I only ever order one thing there, but that has less to do with them than with the fact that giant menus with too many choices make me nervous.

I guess we're doing it just to make Republicans feel sad and unwanted and then replace them with people who will vote for Democrats instead of them. Or perhaps even just people who are, overall, less terrible to their fellow human beings.

The Democrats will then train these migrants, like they trained low income Americans, to be dependent on government. It's not about race here, folks, either. It's about poverty and making people sure that people stay there. And making sure that most people possible are reliant on government. They want as many as possible just reliant on absolute government for all of their needs. Of course, making it impossible, then, for those people to vote for any other candidate than a Democrat because that Democrat will promise to keep the payoffs coming.

To what end, though?

Basically Stinchfield thinks that we all support helping asylum-seekers and we all want people to be able to eat, live somewhere, have a job that pays them enough to live, have health care and be able to take care of their children ... all for nefarious reasons? But what nefarious reason?

Let's just say, hypothetically, that the Democrats do all of this, and then we live in this horrifying country that is ... generally like most other first world countries. Let's say we even go full lefty — we've got Medicare For All, subsidized public college, universal childcare, a living wage, paid parental leave, a healthy environment, no student loan debt, and we're not hemorrhaging money on the Pentagon because we're not even going around murdering people in other countries all the time. And yes, the suburbs are more diverse because people can actually afford to live there now. What happens then? Like once they've got everyone on the hook, voting for Democratic candidates because they don't actually want their lives to be worse than they currently are, the Democrats turn around and ... what?

They turn everyone into Cybermen? Start secretly mass murdering large swaths of the population in order to turn them into food? Burn down any plaza containing a Bed Bath and Beyond? Ban golf? Or is it just that people will be really sad and depressed about losing out on the thrilling opportunities we have today, like working 80 hours a week and not being able to afford a one bedroom apartment or paying thousands of dollars for an ambulance?

Honestly I've got nothing. If Grant Stinchfield wants to scare people, he's going to have to come up with some better specifics.

[Media Matters]

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