Newsmax Idiot, Dennis Prager Wish US Could Marry Brazil's Bolsonaro, Have All His Dictator Babies

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Newsmax Idiot, Dennis Prager Wish US Could Marry Brazil's Bolsonaro, Have All His Dictator Babies

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is a climate-denying, anti-gay bigot who supports political violence, so of course American conservatives would dig him. Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield gushed over Bolsonaro Monday night. It was shocking and embarrassing, but only if this was your first time watching Newsmax.

Stinchfield kicked off the segment by (correctly) observing that this is America, but “they" (Democrats) have passed legal vaccine mandates, similar to the ones that have existed in this country since literally before it was a country, so how is this America at all if entitled white people are expected to obey the law?

STINCHFIELD: Their mandates and their threats are un-American, leaving me dismayed that we now need to take cues from a nation that once plagued by corruption and on the brink of socialism. We need to take cues from Brazil.

Stinchfield played a clip of Bolsonaro publicly loving on God in a speech before declaring that “in Trump-like fashion, [Bolsonaro] has turned his nation around by embracing freedom." Bolsonaro embraces freedom so much he recently declared that only God could remove him from office.

Bolsonaro's popularity in Brazil is at an all-time low, as a result of a tanking economy, high unemployment, inflation, and probably the crazy God talk. He's also under investigation for corruption and has attacked the nation's judiciary, which he claims is out to get him. I suppose that is all very "Trump-like."

However, Human Rights Watch, a slightly more credible source than Stinchfield, declared Bolsonaro a threat to democratic rule in Brazil.

On September 7, 2021, during speeches at rallies in Brasilia and São Paulo, President Bolsonaro attacked the Supreme Court and warned that Brazilians "could not permit" the existing electoral system to remain in place and that there "could not be elections that create doubts among voters," citing unproven claims of electoral fraud. Congress had rejected a bill promoted by Bolsonaro to change electoral processes based on these claims. The recent speeches are part of the president's pattern of actions and statements that appear designed to undermine fundamental rights, democratic institutions, and the rule of law in Brazil.

Yep, Bolsonaro is a lot like Donald Trump but that's hardly the highest fashion of democracy.

Regardless, Stinchfield praises Bolsonaro for “restoring gun rights" (the number of firearms sold during his time in office so far has increased 65 percent, which experts believe will only lead to more violence). Stinchfield also wished America had a president who, like Bolsonaro, respected freedom of religion and expression, which we actually do. He praised Bolsonaro for not imposing vaccine mandates and claims that more than 90 percent of eligible Brazilian adults are vaccinated. The number is roughly half that but at least 90 percent are at least willing to get vaccinated, compared to willingly unvaccinated dullards (mostly Trump supporters) who kept face-planting into COVID-19. It's easy for a nation to conduct business normally without vaccine passports or even mask mandates when its citizens get fucking vaccinated.

Bolsonaro is supportive of crap COVID-19 treatments like Ivermectin because it's mostly academic when most of your country's vaccinated. “Yeah, sure, drink some unicorn piss and hop on one leg for all I care." While visiting New York, Bolsonaro's wife didn't chow down on horse paste, she got her ass vaccinated.

Stinchfield went on to repeat the silly argument that the Left would've opposed vaccine mandates if Trump had ordered them. This is so stupid. If Trump had the same policy positions as Barack Obama, we would've happily spent his presidency making fun of his hair. We wouldn't suddenly oppose the Affordable Care Act and DACA out of spite. Liberals fundamentally don't operate that way. We're not emotionally damaged children. However, there are Trump supporters on record saying they won't get vaccinated because Biden might benefit from their continued health.

Conservative radio host Dennis Prager, who runs a fake college, joined Stinchfield's Brazilian lovefest.

PRAGER: I am going to go on the Internet right after your show, and I am going to get the transcription of his talk. and then edit it and play it on my show. It is remarkable to hear what the man says. I hate to say this because I so love this country; it makes me want to learn Portuguese and move there.


Prager suggested that right now, this instant, is the “first time in American history free speech is threatened." John Adams would like a word. He denounced New York Governor Kathy Hochul's vaccine mandates for health care workers who spend all day breathing on sick people.

PRAGER: They are more interested in power, than in your living. That's what people must understand. By the way this makes me think we must abolish emergency powers. It should no longer be allowable in this country. That is how Hitler took power – with emergency powers in the in the elections of the–right after the Weimar Republic. We must abolish emergency powers because the Left will misuse it as all fascists do.

Republicans can't decide if Biden is Jimmy Carter,Neville Chamberlain, or Adolf Hitler. Maybe he's all of them at once. He just has tremendous range. He's like the Daniel Day-Lewis of US presidents. Stinchfield and Prager are certain at least that Biden is no Jair Bolsonaro.

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