Newsmax's Eric Bolling Literally Begging Tucker To Stop Siding With Genocidal Putin

A few weeks ago, Newsmax's Eric Bolling had an interview with Wladimir Klitschko, the brother of Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of Kyiv, Ukraine. And they specifically talked about pro-Russia Americans like Tucker Carlson, who actively side with Vladimir Putin as he commits genocide against innocents in Ukraine. Klitschko said people like Tucker have blood on their hands. Bolling seemed genuinely confused by people like Tucker, how they can so openly side with evil here.

It wasn't a fluke, and now Bolling, whom we defend on Wonkette approximately ... [checks Wonkette archives] ... never, is making it more personal.

Media Matters found a recent clip from Bolling's show that ran after the Klitschko interview, after images of war crimes and genocide started to come out of places like Bucha, where Bolling personally begged Tucker to side with good. And he specifically contextualized it with the now well-known fact that Tucker is so valuable as Russian propaganda that they show him to their own people nonstop on their state-run propaganda networks.

ERIC BOLLING (HOST): But, when Russia's war on Ukraine started, Putin and his propaganda-drivers felt that that was their moment to run with an American TV anchor whose comments could be used to support their own narrative and prop up their propaganda machine. From that moment on, clips from Tucker's show were to be used ad nauseam night after night on Russian state TV. The Russians see Tucker Carlson as their ally, the guy across the ocean who's helping their cause. [...]

Now I'm not here to slam Tucker, I have the utmost respect for him. But, Tucker, you don't want to be associated with this, certainly you don't want to be — it to be part of your legacy to be associated with a war criminal, an evil madman committing blatant genocide and atrocities just across the ocean. You don't want to be associated with that in any way. The video is heartbreaking, Tucker, you're even seeing these images that I'm seeing. It's unbelievable.

Bolling is begging Tucker to repudiate his former comments about how he roots for Russia over Ukraine, which he said back in 2019. And he's begging Tucker to look at the images we've seen from Ukraine, and asking "who can't be moved" by them.

Sadly, he's talking to Tucker Carlson. There's no evidence of any good in Tucker Carlson, anything redeeming. There's no reason to believe Tucker would ever side against evil, as long as the evil is white, conservative Christian, and Tucker thinks the evil seems manly. We all know about his well-documentedmasculinity issues.

But we're glad to see this isn't a fluke. Newsmax — or at least Eric Bolling on Newsmax — really thinks Tucker Carlson needs to please please please stop giving aid and comfort to America's genocidal enemies, and he's willing to say it again and again. That's how much un-American scum Tucker is, that Newsmax comes off looking more human.

In other news of Russia's war on Ukraine, Bloomberg has some interesting reporting on how, inside the Kremlin, discontent with Putin's ill-conceived and stupid war is growing, but nobody seems to be able to do anything about it:

Almost eight weeks after Vladimir Putin sent troops into Ukraine, with military losses mounting and Russia facing unprecedented international isolation, a small but growing number of senior Kremlin insiders are quietly questioning his decision to go to war.

The ranks of the critics at the pinnacle of power remain limited, spread across high-level posts in government and state-run business. They believe the invasion was a catastrophic mistake that will set the country back for years, according to ten people with direct knowledge of the situation. All spoke on condition of anonymity, too fearful of retribution to comment publicly.

So far, these people see no chance the Russian president will change course and no prospect of any challenge to him at home.

It seems remarkable to us that Bloomberg was able to find 10 Russian insiders willing to talk to them anonymously. That must mean certain folks are really fuckin' horrified.

According to their reporting, some of these people say they, like American intelligence, are worried Putin might pull out the nukes as he fails deeper and harder. Also:

[M]ore and more top insiders have come to believe that Putin’s commitment to continue the invasion will doom Russia to years of isolation and heightened tension that will leave its economy crippled, its security compromised and its global influence gutted. A few business tycoons have made veiled statements questioning the Kremlin’s strategy, but many powerful players are too fearful of the widening crackdown on dissent to voice their concerns in public.

Read the whole entire thing, as they say on the internet.

Of course, we're sure it's all fine and Bloomberg is fake news. Maybe if Putin needs a little pick-me-up he could look into one of those Tucker Carlson dickball tanning beds, for his pale saggy dickballs.

That'll fix him right up.

[Media Matters / Bloomberg]

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