Newt Gingrich Drops Out To Spend More Time With His Creditors


Conservative BearNewt Gingrich was just on the teevee talking about the moon, jobs, Kaiser Wilhelm, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, cocaine and methamphetamine, amnesia, his grandchildren, Ellis the Elephant, dropping out of the Republican presidential nominating contest, and everything else he has ever thought about for half-a-second since 1968. He has had a marvelous run. What now? Aside from harassing college students nationwide, Newt will be spending some lovely time with his creditors, whom he owes millions of dollars.

Ha ha, look at them all, thinking there's any possibility they'll ever get their money back:

Relief can't come soon enough for the Gingrich campaign's anxious creditors. The campaign owes Moby Dick Airways $1.1 million for travel and charter flights.; the Patriot Group, a Virginia security company, $449,502 for helping to protect the candidate; and McKenna, Long and Aldridge, a law firm with offices in Atlanta, $183,658 for legal services, the reports show.

But many of the campaign's creditors are small businesses that say they will suffer major hardship if they are not paid.

In Phoenix, a company called Pro-Production Services is owed $32,506 for providing stages, lighting and sound equipment for a series of campaign appearances by Gingrich in Nevada last January.

"We floated quite a bit of money -- a lot of out-of-pocket costs that we covered," said Ryan Driscoll, a project manager for the company. "I am a little worried. Nobody wants to lose 32 grand."

Vic Buttermore, owner of Signs Unlimited in Ocala, Fla., says he's "keeping my fingers crossed" the Gingrich campaign will pony up the $15,000 it still owes for an order of 25,000 "Newt 2012" lawn signs.

If you are on a Newt Gingrich email list -- which most citizens of the country are, for no particular reason -- then unsubscribe NOW. Otherwise you will be getting desperate debt-retirement fundraising emails for the next 10 years, at least. Seriously, we still get that crap from the Hillary Clinton 2008 campaign. And she has slightly more dignity than Newt Gingrich.

[Yahoo/ABC News]


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