Newt Gingrich Is President of Internet Chat Rooms

Newt Gingrich Is President of Internet Chat Rooms

And now it is time to check in with marshmallow human Newt Gingrich for the latest in high tech interactive multimedia. Oh hey look, Newt has discovered hip new social networking thing Google "plus," which is just Facebook without Farmville or Sarah Palin and all her turd followers on it, which means it is still cool. So...yeah, Newtwill get in on that, sure. It's free, you said, right?

He especially seems to like the feature called "Hangouts," which is a chat room that allows up to 10 people at a time. THAT'S A LOT OF PEOPLE, NEWT, but hey, dream big. Here he is, already doing crowd control on his second post: "My team and I are considering how to best use Hangouts. We believe that because they are limited to 10 people, that the topics should be very narrow so as to attract people to care specifically about those issues." Newt Gingrich is your next president, 9 people at a time.

What kinds of topics are on Newt's first list of things people might like to discuss? "Privatizing NASA; NIH reform; Repealing Dodd-Frank; Repealing Sarbanes-Oxley; Federal Reserve Monetary Policy, Creating Personal Social Security Accounts; Judicial Activism; Increased Funding for Brain Science." Perennial topic "unemployment" did not make this cut, sorry. And so guess which issue won out?

From Newt's followup post: "Thanks for all the positive comments and topic ideas for Hangouts. Many people want to discuss US space policy, so we'll schedule that soon." Hooray, Newt is also president of space. [Google+]


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