Newt Gingrich Plan For Success: Win The Black Vote Back From Obama

Street-wise Newt Gingrich is the most hip, in-touch guy who ever came up with an idea for winning. Really! Takethis latest one: the Obama guy is screwing up so hard employing African-American voters that they are about to defect straight into Newt's sweaty little red fingers. That is how it works, right? Black people vote for Republicans when Democrats don't give them jobs? This will be the kind of shrewd political calculus that will save his undead presidential campaign from that last hurtling pickaxe of zombie death to the heart, because Newt will, in his own words, "have the courage to walk into that neighborhood" and convince that guy in that neighborhood (Newt means "the black neighborhood") that Newt will give him a job.

TalkingPointsMemo reports:

Here's how the line works: Obama is the food stamp president, Gingrich says, whereas he wants to be the paycheck president. The difference comes down to creating jobs or not, and Gingrich says he knows how to create them.

And that's where the black vote comes in.

"No administration in modern times has failed younger blacks more than the Obama administration," Gingrich said.

He explained that "in May, we had 41% unemployment among black teenagers in America." That means if Republicans can put on a brave face, they might be able to turn the African American vote their way.

It is a good thing that Newt's campaign staff have all jumped ship, so that Newt does not have to worry about someone holding him back on all these great ideas. Oh yeah, Newt said that his campaign staff all hated him for being "very different," because he is like the dork at school everyone hates for being so super insane smart that they can't stand him, and also 13 Reagan staffers quit in 1980 or something, whatever, Newt is Reagan and your next black president. [TPM/AP]


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