Newt Gingrich Saying The Quiet Part Loud Again

Is there anybody besides Donald Trump who wears his contempt for American institutions on his sleeve more than Newt Gingrich? We are not sure, because there are just so many Republicans willing to burn it all down to preserve their power these days, but we can say with certainty that CHRIST, Newt Gingrich is an asshole.

During the fight over whether we should put Brett Kavanaugh -- a likely sexual predator with one thousand foreheads and bad skin who lies a lot -- on the Supreme Court for life, there were a lot of questions about whether Trump had picked him because of his weird Daddy Issues about executive power. Basically, if the president is a Republican, Kavanaugh thinks that president should be treated with the deference of a king. (If it's a Democrat, of course, Kavanaugh wants to ask the president salacious questions about his jizz, maybe because it gives him a miniature stiffy.)

People especially focused on Kavanaugh's seeming belief that sitting (Republican) presidents shouldn't even be investigated, much less prosecuted. After Mitch McConnell told Trump this summer not to nominate Kavanaugh, as he would be very difficult to confirm, Trump did it anyway, and people wondered if Kavanaugh might be viewed as one of the only federal judges in America willing to protect Trump from the Robert Mueller investigation no questions asked. Hell, he might have even signed a loyalty oath! Maybe Trump and Kavanaugh did "Devil's Triangle" together and now they are BROTHERS 4 LIFE!

Back to Gingrich, who opened his fat fucking shitmouth and gave away the game during an interview with the Washington Post on Thursday. Asked what would happen if the Democrats retake power (VOTE!) and subpoena Trump's tax returns, Gingrich said the quiet part loud:

"We'll see whether or not the Kavanaugh fight was worth it."

Yeah, GUESS WE'LL SEE if Brett Kavanaugh has decided to be a real and impartial Supreme Court Justice, or if he's simply the president's personal justice concierge! We'll see if he is nothing more than a political hack appointed to be the president's hitman on the Supreme Court, who's even madder now that he was the victim of a Hillary Clinton George Soros Deep State conspiracy to paint him as a attempted rapist and sexual abuser, just because all these women say he is.

Last week, Paul Krugman went on a tweet storm about what's going to happen when/if Democrats take one or both houses of Congress. It's a chilling reminder that even if we win things, this fight is far from over, because we're going to be in a situation where the White House simply ignores subpoenas and real oversight, and it will test our institutions even more than they've been tested already. Even before Donald Trump, the GOP viewed Democratic power as illegitimate -- even though if Americans' votes were actually counted equally, Democrats would control pretty much fucking everything. Hell, the Republicans have won the popular vote in exactly ONE of the last SEVEN presidential elections.

And now we have little Newtie Gingrich telling us out loud what Republicans plan to do when/if Democrats retake power.

What's that old Maya Angelou thing about believing people the first time when they tell you who they are? This is who Republicans are. They are the fucking worst people in America, and Democrats would do well to treat them as such.

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