Gingrich 'Very Serious' About Running For President Now, Daughter Says


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For some reason, conservative site Human Events interviewed Jackie Gingrich Cushman, the daughter of a man who was once relevant to American politics but now only takes breaks from his various mail-order money-making schemes to say hateful things about Muslims: Newt Gingrich. So is he running for president? “He’s very serious. He’s much more serious than he ever has been," she said. "And I can tell that because we actually sat down -- the two of us -- for two hours recently. And I don’t think that’s happened since I had children." He's actually taking the time to have a conversation his own children these days? Sounds serious!

"He's honestly the brightest person I've ever met, ever," she also says.

Well there you have it! Newt should be elected president, according to this woman who has met a total of one person in her life.

And now the process begins, which means recruiting terrorists to attack American buildings so that Newt can, in turn, argue that a mosque should not be built near them. [Human Events via Salon]


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