NFL Hires A Girl, Ruins Football

  • Here's a tragedy for sportsball fans everywhere:

    The NFL officially hired Sarah Thomas as a line judge Wednesday, making her the league's first full-time female official. [...]

    Thomas had been working as a college football referee for eight years in Conference USA. She became the first woman to officiate a major college football game when she worked a contest between Memphis and Jacksonville State in 2007.

    We can hear wingnuts whining already that 10 years ago we had hope, jobs, and cash. Now we have no hope, jobs, or cash, and skirts are refereeing the NFL, which is supposed to be a manly game, for men, by men, sometimes men who beat their wives. It's the feminizing of everything, waaaaaah.

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    If ladies start refereeing professional sports (for MEN), what next? Running for president? RIP, patriarchy.

  • Just because we love you:
  • Your occasional reminder that Dick Cheney is a dick:

    "But you know, if you had somebody as president who wanted to take America down, who wanted to fundamentally weaken our position in the world and reduce our capacity to influence events, turn our back on our allies and encourage our adversaries, it would look exactly like what Barack Obama’s doing,” Cheney said. “I think his actions are constituted in my mind those of the worst president we’ve ever had.”

  • Offered without comment:
  • One of the Duggars, Jessa apparently, got married, and People magazine got the SEXCLUSIVE! rights to the pics from the happy day. As our friends at Happy Nice Time People observe:

    If the Duggar family demanded an end to interracial marriage or the right to refuse service to Muslims, there is no chance People magazine would even consider an exclusive deal to print Jessa’s wedding photos. But, because it’s fags and dykes, here it is [...]

    Doesn’t everyone who falls in love and wants to get married deserve the chance to be this happy? Nah, just straight people, lest we risk earthquakes and pestilence, says the Duggars. Here’s some more money, says People magazine.

  • Do you like grilled cheese AND sex? Yes, you do. It's science(ish):

    According to a new survey of its members by the social networking/dating site Skout, if and how you like your grilled cheese says something about your sex life.

    The company surveyed 4,600 people and found that 73% of grilled cheese lovers have sex at least once a month, compared with 63% of those who don't love grilled cheese. And 32% of grilled cheese lovers have sex at least six times a month, compared with 27% of non-grilled cheese lovers.


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