Nice Lady Prophet Explains How Her 6-Year-Old's Tummy Ache Stopped God From Assassinating Ronald Reagan


Right here is some actual evidence of the power of prayer, so all you atheists just shut up. Cindy Jacobs, a self-proclaimed "respected prophet" who a few years ago repented for all the lesbians and their "girl-on-girl kissing," told a true tale of the time that her very own son, 6 at the time, saved a president's life by praying for him! (Not the current president. There are other prayers for him.)

See, here's what happened, and we have no reason to doubt it:

Jacobs says that one fine day when her son was six, he came in from playing and said he felt sick. And like any good mother, instead of asking him what sort of symptoms he had, Jacobs asked him if he "had a concern that we need to pray about?" And wouldn't you know it, he asked if it was possible for a president to be killed! And, as fate would have it, Jacobs point out,

"At that time, it was... you know, there was a pres... there, there... of course it was possible, I said yes, that's called 'assassination."

Yes, indeed, at that very time, there was indeed a president, and also at that time, it was actually possible that a president could be assassinated. This is what makes Cindy Jacobs a prophetess, people.

So she and her child, who was obviously granted the gift of prophecy too, prayed to God to protect the President and keep him safe from assassination.

"God had called my child into intercessory prayer," Jacobs said. "Later on, we found out, behind the scenes that there had been an assassination attempt on the president; it wasn't widely publicized."

That God! Always calling people into intercessory prayer to beg Him to stop before He kills again! Man, total narcissist right?

And who was the president that was spared from an assassination attempt? She doesn't say in the video, but it's a story she's also told in a 1991 book: By praying, Jacobs and her little boy prevented an assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan.

Oh, not the one we all know about, with John Hinckley and Taxi Driver and all that. God let that one happen because no 6-year-olds got tummy aches, or their moms didn't pray over it if they did. Some other assassination attempt, that definitely was averted by Cindy & son.

And now you know the Rest Of The Story.

Good Day!


Doktor Zoom

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