Nice Time: Immigrants Having Great Time On Martha's Vineyard, Thanks Ron DeSantis!

Ron DeSantis looking uncomfortable

A few months back, whiny-voiced smegma goblin and governor of America's most useless appendage, Ron DeSantis of Florida, had an idea about how to both boost his national profile with Republican primary voters and fuck over a bunch of powerless migrants, his two favorite activities, all at once.

So he sent someone from his administration to Texas, to find some migrants who had crossed the southern border and were hanging around waiting for our nation's execrable immigration system to start the long, long process of digesting them in its twisty bowels.

DeSantis' minions rounded up about 50 or so of these Venezuelan migrants and stuck them on private jets to the tony island of Martha's Vineyard because that's where all the rich white liberals live and the rich white liberals broadly favor immigration because they are insulated from the overwhelming crush of migrants at the southern border so let's dump a bunch of migrants on their doorstep without telling the island they're coming and see how they like it, BOOM, OWNED, LIBS!

We all remember what happened next, which is that the liberals teamed up to drive the migrants into the sea while yelling at them to swim to Cape Cod and leave their beautiful exclusive paradise alone. Ha ha, no, of course that's not what happened. The people of Martha's Vineyard welcomed them with open arms, fed them, housed them, found them some warmer clothes since DeSantis had shipped them to friggin' New England in T-shirts, and generally did not act like a bunch of mean, shouty assholes.

The Vineyard's local paper, the Vineyard Gazette, checked in recently with four of the migrants who stayed on the Vineyard, and wouldn't you know it, they are thriving:

They have no other family in the U.S. but had made some friends during their brief stay on the Island. Two of those friends were Jacqueline and Larkin Stallings, Oak Bluffs business owners who had played a central role in the response effort after the migrants had landed on the Vineyard.

Eliud contacted the Stallings, who connected him and his cousins with Mike Benjamin, an Island musician.

Since October, the four have been living in Mr. Benjamin’s spare apartments at the old Edgartown dairy co-op in Cow Bay.

These lazy drains on the hard-working American taxpayer have been working odd jobs and studying English so they will be able to navigate their new country IF YOU CAN EVEN BELIEVE IT.

Previously [Daisy] worked as an aide for a child with mental and physical disabilities. She and her brother Daniel had been living in Peru at that time, and the experience left a lasting impression.
“It was very difficult, but very, very rewarding,” she said. “I’d love to study something related to that and work with individuals with disabilities again.”

Sounds suspiciously like altruism. When DeSantis is president, he'll have this woke communist deported lickety-split.

In November, all four cousins joined immigration attorney Rachel Self at her Cape Pogue home for their first Thanksgiving dinner. They’ve since been back many times, most recently for a slumber party to wait out the deep freeze that occurred in early February.
“They had never seen Top Gun, so we watched the first two movies,” Ms. Self told the Gazette by phone. “We cooked, we played music . . . we had a blast.”

They stuffed themselves with food and watched a hugely popular mid-1980s monument to their new nation's jingoism, what could be more American than that?

Meanwhile, there is a criminal investigation into DeSantis's actions, because in addition to being a moral abomination, his use of desperate migrants as props to boost his quest to get stomped on like horse shit in a barn by Donald Trump might also have been illegal.

In sum, the score is now Migrants: 1, Ron DeSantis: still sucks.

[Vineyard Gazette]

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