Nice Time Update! DC Shelter Gets Obama Girls' Playground Without Any Trump On It

Found a good home after all

Remember how we all kind of went "Aw, jeez, we can't have anything nice anymore, can we?" when we learned the Trump family wasn't interested in the Obama girls' old playground set, even though there are many Trump grandchildren who might enjoy it, and even Barron, 10, isn't exactly too old for climbing on stuff?

WELL! There has been a Happy Development! That playground set is being put to good use by children whose parents don't feel compelled to go around slapping gold leaf on everything:

While getting ready to move out of the White House, the Obamas donated the playset to the Jobs Have Priority Naylor Road Family Shelter in Southeast Washington, where it'll be used by kids living in the 28-apartment shelter. Says the Washington Post,:

The average family at the 28-apartment shelter has two to three young children, and many have at least one child with a mental, developmental or physical disability.

The Rainbow-brand structure, which has a plaque that says “Malia and Sasha’s Castle,” has a slide, a fort, a climbing wall and rope, three regular swings, a tire swing, and a picnic table etched with the names of all 44 presidents, according to Teen Vogue.

There goes Teen Vogue getting all the hot scoops again.

The Obamas dropped by the shelter Monday afternoon to help kids who were "painting an indoor mural of Martin Luther King and butterflies." Good to know the shelter doesn't let the little urchins loll about in idleness, but puts them to useful tasks, although perhaps under the Trump administration it'll be more of a laundry-type situation.

Ever the busybody, Michelle Obama distracted the children from their useful task, asking, "We are painting in silence . . . Does anyone have any good jokes? Age appropriate?”

Good call, Ms. Obama, because we just know one one of those fifth graders was otherwise probably going to start in with the one that ends "Rats. Big fuckin' rats with dicks this long!"

Mr. Obama also had his own Moment of Cute, echoing one of the shelter kids and playfully exclaiming, "Hey, guys! . . . It’s Barack Obama!"

As the president pushed two girls on the swing Monday, he noted that Sasha was not much smaller when the family moved into the White House.

“Brings back memories,” he said.

Awww. Our presidents grow up so fast, don't they? You know, most of the time.

Yr Wonkette predicts President-elect Trump plans a follow-up visit to the shelter next week so he can take credit for donating the playground equipment, since the shelter never would have gotten it if he hadn't rejected it, now would they?

[WaPo / Darlene Superville on Twitter]

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