Nice White Dad Hogtied By Police Didn't Die Of LSD Overdose, What A Shock

Troy Goode and his little boy.

We have a quick Wonk update on a bizarre story we brought you in July, of a nice white dad, Troy Goode, who went to a Widespread Panic concert in Mississippi with his wife and mysteriously died hours later in custody of the Southaven Police Department (hey, weren't we JUST talking about them?), after being hogtied and otherwise abused by officers, according to eyewitness reports. Goode was taken to the hospital, and his wife was threatened with arrest if she dared show up at the hospital to see if maybe her husband was dying.

At the time, Southaven police chief Tom Long said that Goode had been "acting erratically from an alleged LSD overdose," so maybe that's why he died. As we science-splained at the time, dying from LSD overdose is not actually a thing that happens. According to Desoto County District Attorney John Champion, a preliminary autopsy (that reporters didn't get to see, how strange!) showed Goode had died from some heart or lung something or another, or maybe more specifically, it was a heart attack. All he reckons is that the cops didn't have anything to do with this healthy 31-year-old guy suddenly dying in police custody, heck nope, that is UNPOSSIBLE.

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WELL, we're still waiting on the full autopsy, but the toxicology report has been released and, SHOCKER, it does not show that Goode was the victim of an extremely rare concoction of LSD that suddenly kills the user when he's having an asthma attack, face down on a stretcher, reportedly yelling "I can't breathe!" after having been hogtied by police:

"Troy admittedly did recreational drugs on this date. They did not kill him," [attorney Tim] Edwards said.

Both Marijuana and LSD were found in his system, but "less than half the minimum 'threshold toxic dose,'" according to the report. [...]

"Marijuana does not kill people. LSD there are no reported deaths," Edwards added.

Edwards said now this information forces the state of Mississippi to look at how Goode was restrained by police.

Yeah, guess so! It will be stunning to hear the next explanation from the D.A., if he's not too busy prosecuting prominent black doctors for aggravated blackness to issue a statement.

According to a press release from the Goode family's attorneys, there have been reports that he was on anti-depressants and anti-psychotics. And yes, the toxicology report found Haloperidol, Lorazepam and Naloxone in his system. They were administered at the hospital, AFTER he was arrested, during his "panicked struggle for oxygen."

If Sources Who Say Things in news reports are trying to insinuate that Goode was on a bunch of meds and maybe THAT'S what killed him, wrong again. The toxicology report shows the drugs were not administered in lethal doses, which is unsurprising since hospitals usually try not to kill their patients. According to the attorneys, "Not only was Goode not depressed, he was happily married, a proud father to a toddler, and a highly successful and published engineer."

Guess Southaven authorities will have to go back to square one and make up some new reasons why they didn't do anything wrong that day, because how could you possibly even suggest that, PFFFFFFFFT.

[WMC Action News 5]

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