More news about the under-bus-throwing of UN Ambassador Nikki Haley! We told you Tuesday about how the Trump White House has been saying Haley is just a big Silly Susan who gets her facts wrong when she goes on TV and announces new sanctions on the Putin regime, in retaliation for Syria, which is allied with the Kremlin, yet again launching chemical weapons at its citizens' faces. She said on CBS's "Face The Nation" that Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin would be announcing new sanctions, and Trump saw it on TV, and then SUDDENLY FOR SOME REASON that has absolutely nothing to do with how Trump's dick quivers (in the good way AND the terrified way) when he thinks of Russia and Vladimir Putin, he lost it and decided "NO SANCTIONS, NO SANCTIONS, YOU ARE THE SANCTIONS!"

So the White House decided to be SUCH A DICK about Haley, saying she got out in front of her skis and "made an error that needs to be mopped up," as if Nikki Haley has some bad habit of just announcing policies all willy nilly without even talking to the White House. Survey says BULLSHIT.

There is an update to that story, and it is that new White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow, whom Trump hired after watching him on TV for at least six or seven minutes, decided it was his turn to mansplain Nikki Haley's big DING-DONG BONER GOOF OOPSIE:

“She got ahead of the curve,” Larry Kudlow, the president’s national economics adviser, told reporters at a briefing in Florida before Mr. Trump welcomed Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan to his Mar-a-Lago estate. “She’s done a great job. She’s a very effective ambassador, but there might have been some momentary confusion about that.”

Silly little lady just got "momentarily confused," that's all! He might as well have said she was probably distracted by her monthly visit from Aunt Flo.


And so did Nikki Haley:

A few hours later, she spoke with Dana Perino of Fox News, who quoted her response on air:

“With all due respect, I don’t get confused.”

Translation: Nikki Haley knew exactly what the policy was, and it's not her fault President Fuckbaby had a tantrum and nobody informed her. Alternate translation: EAT ME.

And now Larry Kudlow is VERY SORRY for being such a dick, probably because he's scared Nikki Haley will beat the shit out of him behind the gym after third period:

Mr. Kudlow then called Ms. Haley to apologize. “She was certainly not confused,” Mr. Kudlow told The New York Times by telephone. “I was wrong to say that — totally wrong.”

He added: “As it turns out, she was basically following what she thought was policy. The policy was changed and she wasn’t told about it, so she was in a box.”

Because YOUR FUCKING BOSS is an incompetent satchel full of dildos who changes his mind every five seconds, which means this White House can't be trusted to agree today with what it said the day before, because -- as the New York Times points out -- the policy Haley was discussing was exactly what the White House had sent to surrogates on Saturday, the day before Haley's appearance on "Face The Nation."

We don't agree with Nikki Haley on much, but we're glad she is standing up to these unqualified dipshits, considering how she's one of maybe three people in the entire Trump administration we'd consider somewhat sort of even vaguely qualified to do the job she's been appointed to. (The other two vaguely qualified people are ... we forget.)

We're curious, though, how much more of this shit Haley really wants to put up with. However, we also wonder if she's halfway putting up with it for greater strategery reasons. Because trust us, Nikki Haley is an OPERATOR.

The other night, Maddow had a strange/interesting thing about this one Haley adviser Jon Lerner, a GOP pollster who's been with her for years, who was planning on also simultaneously joining Vice President Mike Pence's team as his national security adviser. (He ain't know nothin' 'bout national security.) Maddow noted that he used to be a Never Trumper, but was willing to work in the Trump administration for Haley ... and apparently also for Pence! That apparently raised too many alarm bells for President Tangerine Nipples, so Lerner is only going to end up advising Pence unofficially, while continuing with Haley officially. The whole story got our own brain gears turning, because of all the people who might be very quietly positioning themselves to take over the country when ShitBrain McOldFarts is forced to resign for "health reasons" very soon, Pence and Haley would be the ones!

The next night, we saw and retweeted this tweet from MSNBC's Joy Reid:


And lo and behold, the NYT piece about the Haley/Kudlow flap just happens to have a thing about how "Republicans close to the White House" think maybe Pence and Haley might just be doing back channel strategery to shiv Trump and run on a ticket in 2020.

Gonna happen? Who can say! But if it does, we are going on record as CALLED IT, MOTHERFUCKERS.

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