Just Stop It, Impeachment Is Not Good News For Donald Trump

The House impeached Donald Trump just two weeks ago. Speaker Nancy Pelosi hasn't even sent over the articles of impeachment yet, but already some politicians and pundits have declared impeachment a rousing success for the president. Tulsi Gabbard, a presidential nuisance candidate and theoretically a Democratic House member, released a Twitter video this week that looked like it was filmed in someone's creepy murder van. She claimed that impeachment has done more for Trump's re-election than Ukraine ever delivered.

Gabbard is confused about a couple things: First place, we might elect a new president but Marianne Williamson won't take office until 2021. Also, if America screws the pooch and re-elects Trump, he won't be a new president but the same old corrupt one that's already stinking up the joint. It's encouraging to know Gabbard doesn't want Trump to serve another term, as that's been fairly unclear. She's been running an intensely personal campaign against Hillary Clinton, who unfortunately isn't president right now. Rep. Droopy Dog has no interest in supporting Democrats' efforts to remove Trump for all the crimes, and instead, she publicly declares that impeachment has "greatly increased the likelihood" Trump stays in office through 2024. She offers no evidence to support her theory, so we guess she's just observed how happy his impeachment has made the president.

This might look like a man who's gonna vent, vent, vent on Twitter until Pelosi takes his presidency away, but Gabbard sees through his method acting. Impeachment has made Trump more electable than ever. It's also spells doom for the Democratic majority.

GABBARD: Furthermore, the House impeachment has increased the likelihood that Republicans will take over the House of Representatives, so I'm really concerned that because of this House impeachment, we will end up not only with Donald Trump as president from 2020 to 2024 but we'll end up with a Republican-controlled Senate and a Republican-controlled House. This is going to be a disaster for our country.

Wow! If only other Democrats had demonstrated the same courage and leadership as Gabbard and just shoved their hands up their asses and voted "present" on Trump's impeachment, we wouldn't face such a bleak future that's completely unsupported by polling data.

Washington Post columnist Karen Tumulty also believes that Democrats are falling for a Republican long con when they try to hold Trump accountable for his actions. She wrote yesterday that Democrats stand to "suffer" most from pushing back against Mitch McConnell's sham trial. The Iowa caucus is just a month from now, and Democratic candidates should spend the time talking about issues apparently more pressing than a lawless president. Tumulty has long opposed impeachment, even before Trump's Ukraine misadventures. Like Gabbard, she suggested censuring Trump, which is a pointless gesture. It's like seeing mobsters disposing of a body and just giving them a ticket for double parking.

TUMULTY: We have reached the point at which Democrats are going to have to make a choice: Do they want to squander precious days and weeks tilting against an impregnable Republican wall in the Senate, or do they want to make their strongest case for removing Trump from office to the people who might actually do it — the voters?

We keep coming back to this, but impeachment exists as a constitutional remedy because you couldn't always count on voters to take out the political garbage for you. Tumulty also willfully ignores that Trump actively tried to rig the upcoming election, just like he did the last one (it's almost like there's a pattern). If a sportsball team is obviously cheating, it makes no sense to let them play out the game.

TUMULTY: As it has since the proceedings began, Trump's acquittal by the Senate appears certain. The impeachment drama has been all-consuming for the media and for Washington politicians, stoked constantly by the president's rage-filled tweets. But average Americans are losing interest in a movie where they already know the ending.

Pundits such as Tumulty keep burying the lede. The story isn't that impeachment is pointless because Republicans are fully in the tank for Trump. The story is that a major political party has abandoned any pretense of legitimate, non-partisan governance. They're a pack of jackals. We need fewer stories about how Democrats are wasting their time and ours and more stories condemning the modern GOP.

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