No One Taking Dinesh D'Souza's Documentary Seriously, Except Other People Who Also Make Things Up

No One Taking Dinesh D'Souza's Documentary Seriously, Except Other People Who Also Make Things Up

Last week or two weeks ago or who even really knows or cares, Dinesh D'Souza released 2000 Mules, a documentary he claimed would prove for certain that Democrats stole the election from Donald Trump. Trump even hosted a big premiere at Mar-a-Lago.

But it just hasn't gone over as well as he'd hoped. Tucker Carlson is ignoring him.

Even Newsmax won't let Grant Stinchfield promote it on air, possibly because it's so easily debunked that even they don't want to risk it.

Stinchfield did promote it on his own, encouraging FBI agents to "go rogue" and prove D'Souza's election fraud theory true.

The basic premise of the film is that a bunch of evil nonprofits paid people to stuff ballot boxes full of fake ballots in favor of Joe Biden. The "proof" he has comes from a group called "True The Vote," which bought a bunch of consumer cell phone data in order to track the incidence of people who walked near nonprofits and then also walked near ballot boxes a few times. This is then "bolstered" by video of people who may or may not be those people dropping off more than one ballot at a time.

You do not have to pay the $30 to see the movie to see the flaws in that reasoning. Starting with the fact that, unless we can find someone with X-ray vision, there is no way to know who those ballots were for. One might imagine D'Souza having some special insight into this kind of thing, in a Hannibal Lecter kind of way, given that he was convicted of a felony for violating the Election Act himself, but no. Literally none of this makes any sense and he hasn't proven anything.

This has not stopped the worst of the worst — extremists on right-wing social media sites, QAnon weirdos on the Great Awakening message board, and no small number on Twitter — from trying to circulate pictures of those he found video of in hopes of LOCKING THEM UP or even doing "citizen's arrests." There is already a lot of anger that law enforcement isn't doing anything, largely because there is not anything to be done.

And some are predicting that this will end in them killing us or us genociding them, with a universal basic income:

The two thousand mules evidence will be ignored just like all the evidence before it.

This insurrection / take over of the US will end one of three ways. First line of defense the military gets off their asses and puts a stop to it under devolution provisions.

Second line of defense the patriots get sick of waiting and get off their asses and break out all hell on those elites and their allies. Lots of dead people on both sides is the result, but we get the country back and they get executed.

Third option we sit on our asses and get first enslaved and then genocided one group at a time until the globalist get their 500K designated complaint slaves. Genocide likely to be the result of no jobs and no food once they cut off that sweet universal income check.

They are also obsessively circulating pictures of an anti-fascist activist they claim was one of the election stealers, and talking about the many horrifically violent things they would like to do to her. I'm not going to identify her or show those pictures, but I will say that her activist affiliations suggest it's incredibly unlikely that she would be doing any voter fraud for Joe Biden. That being said, I really hope she is safe, because these people are not well.

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