NOBAMAs Can't Make Signs: Photos From NYC's Teabagger Rally

NOBAMAs Can't Make Signs: Photos From NYC's Teabagger Rally

Teabagger rallies are happening across the country today because Teabaggers thought April 15 is Tax Day this year; it's not. Probably worried about another embarrassingly low turnout, no event was held in D.C. Your editor, like a number of other blog types in New York City, stopped by the one in Foley Square, which organizers bragged was the only event covered by Fox News, even though turnout was pretty pathetic here too. Above, look, the NOBAMAs have emerged from their slumber! At least we think so. The circle with a line through it technically means this sign means "no NOBAMA." Is this Tebagger an Obama supporter with a sense of humor, or is she just dumb?

"Hood." You know, black people stuff. (Yes, they hate Robin Hood. These guys are HUGE Richard I fans.)

No idea what the furry blunt object on this man's sign is. Some kind of weird dildo? Which tax is he referring to? Does he know there are a lot of different taxes?

A Batman and a Robin ran around, of course. Sure.

This fellow is going to ruin the Democratic Party by linking them to John F. Kennedy, a very popular president we put on our money.

If you can't decide on a sign to make, just put a lot of little stuff that's hard to read on there! We're still trying to figure out the Glenn Beck part. His show is appoint viewing for the president? Because it's just that good?

This man's hoodie said "POLITICAL ACTIVIST." His hat said "FIRE PELOSI." You know, just in case anyone got confused as to what was going on.

The same idiot was holding his patriotic-prayer flag backwards for a while until this guy helped him.

And finally, the biggest fashion statement of them all: the guy wearing a bloody sling around his head. See, Obama? He doesn't need health care. He can fix it himself.


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