Nominate Your Terrible Local Lawmakers for Legislative Sh*tmuffin of the Year!

It's that time of year again, Wonketeers! We're gathering nominations for our coveted Legislative Shitmuffin of the Year award. Competition for 2014 honors in both national and state divisions has been fierce and we want to be sure we don't overlook any worthy nominees, particularly among those who ply their trade in the state capitol buildings across our great nation.

Don't get us wrong, it's been a busy year for the legislative shitmuffins in Washington, but it's important not to mistake that for having passed laws. They spent a lot of time on bills that had little impact outside of their own chambers, making up for it by cramming handfuls of individual dick moves into the budget that they tossed on the president's desk on the way to the airport for Christmas break.

State-level shitmuffins, by contrast, can be extremely dangerous due to their ability to pass enactable bills in relative obscurity, with almost nobody around to notice the sludgey conduits funneling campaign donations from corporate interests and crappy copy-paste "model legislation" into statehouses across the country.

This year, we've seen these farm-team shitmuffins use their offices to command ladies who want services at their state's one remaining abortionplex to get permission slips from their menfriends. They've denied evolution in order to stand in the way of a little girl who just wants her backwards state to pick an official fossil. In addition to shitmuffinry committed in the line of duty, there's been no shortage of icky misbehavior on the night side.

In case the outside world has not learned of achievements in shitmuffinry from your state's esteemed politicians, please shine the spotlight on them in the comments below or tweet their exploits using the hashtag #legshitmuffin. We're on the lookout for only the finest in political poocakes and we won't rest until we can say who is the worst of themall. Nominate your favorites today!

[Pic via Round Stable]


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