Not Having a Passport Gives You Diabetes

Not Having a Passport Gives You Diabetes

Hey, look what happens when you put together a map of the density of diabetics in the U.S. with one of passport ownership! (You get fired from NPR, is what happens.) Isn't it funny how every map of the U.S. like these are basically the same? Somebody find us a map of dentists per capita so we can throw that up there too.

So what exactly is the problem here? Are type-two diabetics simply too heavy to be craned from their bedrooms and onto cargo ships leaving the country? Or does xenophobia make one eats lots of fatty food to calm one's angry nerves? Yes.

UPDATE: Wonkette operative "Cody B." sends us this:

Exactly. [Boing Boing via @linernotesdanny]


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