Notoriously Racist Mobster 'Whitey' Bulger Was Smitten By Notoriously Racist President, Letters Reveal

Notoriously Racist Mobster 'Whitey' Bulger Was Smitten By Notoriously Racist President, Letters Reveal

This past October, notorious Boston mobster James 'Whitey' Bulger was bludgeoned to death in a West Virginia prison. But before that, he spent years writing letters from that prison in which he expressed his undying adoration for one Donald J. Trump. Also, despite the many failed attempts by the conservative media to link Robert Mueller to Bulger last year, Bulger apparently hated Mueller and was very angry that he was not being nice enough to poor Donald Trump.

His penpal and the recipient of 75 missives over the last five years was one Janet Ulhar, a Cape Cod nurse who believed he was guilty, but was also "troubled" by the fact that much of the testimony he was convicted on came from other mobsters who had cut deals with the prosecution. Kind of like the deals Bulger cut himself when he was dishing out info about the Patriarca Crime Family to the FBI back in the day.

Janet wrote to him to express her "skepticism" over the way Bulger had been treated by prosecutors, which is of course a very normal thing for a normal person who is not a serial killer groupie to do.

Via NBC News:

In several handwritten letters shared with NBC News, Bulger expressed gushing praise for Trump, offering rave reviews of the president's foreign policy and combative relationship with the media.

"Trump is tough and fights back instead of bowing down to pressure — and caving in to press!" Bulger wrote in August 2018. "U.S. agrees with him press attacking and his reaction increases his popularity — He has my vote so far."

"History may show Trump was the man of the hour," Bulger wrote in a different letter earlier that month. "Feel China respects him and hesitant to try to bully him."

The NBC news report about the letters claims that his political views had previously "largely gone unknown. Until now."

Really? Really? Because dude was literally firebombing elementary schools back in the '70s to protest bussing and desegregation, so I think it's probably fair to say he was at least a tad outspoken about his political views. Just a little bit!

The legendary gangster, who was beaten to death inside a West Virginia prison cell last fall, was an ardent Trump supporter and fan of conservative media figures such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, according to the letters shared with NBC News.

Bulger also participated in LSD experiments while he was imprisoned in Alcatraz back in the day, and had been repeatedly subjected to solitary confinement, so it does not actually feel all that surprising that this is where his tastes lied. And again, he firebombed an elementary school because he didn't like black students going there. He also threw a Molotov cocktail at JFK's birthplace because he was mad at Ted Kennedy, again, over desegregation. Not only was he not all there, he was also, as my mom put it "An asshole from whatever way you look at him."

So no, not totally surprising that he said shit like this, either:

The missive goes on to reference the allegations that Trump paid off two women with whom he had extramarital affairs. The aging gangster wrote that he believed Trump was a changed man and would never, for instance, engage in a romantic encounter with an intern in the Oval Office.

"My bet is he's happy with present wife and settled down," Bulger says in the letter. "No way would he wind up in Oval Office with a Monica Lewinsky — That was a scandal! Same media that attacks Trump would cover up for Bill Clinton."

Bulger also railed against former special counsel Robert Mueller. An assistant U.S. attorney in Boston in the 1980s, Mueller went on to lead the FBI at a time when it was grappling with a sensational scandal involving agents protecting mob leaders like Bulger.

"Sorry to hear Trump is being boxed in by so many," Bulger wrote last August.

"Trump is experiencing what Mueller and company can orchestrate," Bulger said in a different letter from September. "[Mueller] should observe biblical saying - 'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.'"

Although one would think that Bulger, of all people, would know that it is kind of the job of a prosecutor to "cast stones" regardless of whatever their own sins are. But again, he was not all there.

Trump has yet to respond to the news of the letters, so I guess now would be the time to place your bets on whether he gets a posthumous pardon for having killed all those people.

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