Now Arkansas Says You Can Reverse Your Abortion With This One Weird Trick

Arkansas has been very busy this week protecting The Children. In addition to the bill to prohibit "rehoming" adoptive children to rapists, the state enacted another two anti-abortion laws this week, for the kids! (Oh, and the ladies, haha, suuure.) That's a total of six abortion bills since January because IT'S JUST THAT IMPORTANT.

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One of the bills, Act 1086, amends the state's already existing and absurdly titled A Woman's Right To Know Act to make sure women "know" even more things that are not actually true. For their own good, OBVIOUSLY. Such as requiring doctors to inform their patients seeking an abortion:

It may be possible to reverse the effects of the abortion if the pregnant woman changes her mind, but that time is of the essence.

If that sounds vaguely familiar, it should. It's a copy-paste of the same bill signed into law in Arizona in March. As we already yelled at you about Arizona's dumb law:

So what could possibly be wrong with telling women it "may be possible" to undo their abortion when they leave the clinic full of regret for murdering their unborn baby, whose anatomical characteristics probably include body parts and everything? [...] We'll let Dr. Eric Reuss, from the Arizona Section of the American Congress of Obstetrics & Gynecology, explain:

There is absolutely no evidence-based data that the process can be reversed. If passed, our state government will force physicians to impart hearsay to their patients.

Oh. So it's yet another example of "pro-life" legislators trying to write their science fiction fantasies into law. Sure wish we could say we were shocked and amazed, except that we see this happen All. The goddamned. Time.

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It turns out this "may be possible" procedure for reversing an abortion once you realize you do not want to MURDER IT because you WILL regret it, as all women -- and men -- do, is based on an extensive study by a "pro-life" doctor, and yes we are using our sarcasm voice:

The reversal procedure is based largely on the findings of a San Diego pro-life gynecologist named George Delgado. His clinic is behind the site "Abortion Pill Reversal," where visitors are greeted by stock photos of sad-looking women in darkened rooms. "I wish I could go back and change things," says one text overlay. "I wish I never did it." [...]

What's puzzling about this measure, regardless of one's opinion on abortion, is that the progesterone dose [Delgado administers] appears to be completely unnecessary. Women who only take the first pill already have a 30 to 50 percent chance of continuing their pregnancy normally, according to ACOG. The progesterone advice is based on a study by Delgado in which he analyzed six case studies of patients who regretted their abortions and were given progesterone. Four out of the six patients went on to deliver healthy infants.

Wow, he has tried his abortion-reversing magic trick on SIX WOMEN! And it has worked almost 67 percent of the time! That is definitely grounds for states to require doctors to say it "may be possible" to reverse an abortion. Might as well add that it may be possible to win the lottery too. At least there's no chance it could have any negative consequences for women. Oh wait, that was our sarcasm voice too:

But more importantly, a large dose of progesterone does have side-effects that any women seeking these "reversals" would needlessly endure. "There can be cardiovascular side effects, glucose tolerance issues, it can cause problems with depression in people who already had it," [Arizona-based gynecologist Ilana] Addis said. "And there are more annoying things, like bloating, fatigue, that kind of stuff. It's an unpleasant drug to take."

This hocus-pocus bill that's all the rage in Arizona and Arkansas and quite likely coming soon to a red state near you is based on model legislation drafted by Americans United For Life, another one of those anti-choice groups who just makes shit up, stuffs it into a bill, and then hands it out to legislators across the country so they can pass even more unconstitutional restrictions on abortion. Just like the National Right to Life Committee, who invented the nonsense term "dismemberment abortion" and just got Kansas to ban second term abortions by making them sound real icky.

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Those fetus fetishists are on a real winning streak this week, saving all those unborned babies. Oh, and looking out for the ladies, uh huh. Just imagine what kind of cool junk science experiments to do to ladies they'll think up next.

[Arkansas News / The Atlantic via Gawker]


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