Now Drink This! Your 'Salt And Pepper' Election Night Cocktail!

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Now Drink This! Your 'Salt And Pepper' Election Night Cocktail!

It is now 3:55 "Mountain" time, which means it is hours past the time you were supposed to pour some liquor down your gullet.

Tonight we are having "Salt and Pepper," because we like them and they are pretty and the nice people at Plonk in Missoula, MT, printed out the recipe for us.

It is not a blue drink, and that is okay! Blue Hawaiians are only for losing your virginity on, to French exchange students, in Waikiki. Blue drinks serve literally no other purpose than that.

Ready for a recipe? Well here, I don't even have to type it out for you!

Ain't got no Cointreau? Ain't got ginger simple syrup? Have a Plonk "Gin and Juice" instead, leave out those two items and the salt and pepper, and swirl with a sprig of rosemary.

Do, though, be sure to use only cocktail glasses with tropical palm trees on them, in honor of our Latin brothers and sisters SAVING THE NATION! OLE!

Cheers! Bottoms up! Cheers AND bottoms up!


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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