Now We'll Never Know If Lizard People Were Behind The COVID-19  Pandemic

Now We'll Never Know If Lizard People Were Behind The COVID-19  Pandemic

David Icke

In these heady days of mole children and adrenochrome, it is easy forget about the more quaint conspiracies of yore. Like the Kennedy assassination stuff or the moon landing stuff, or the alien stuff or the one about how all the world's leaders are actually shapeshifting lizards from another planet. But once upon a time, YouTube was filled with videos of various celebrities and presidents and prime ministers supposedly shapeshifting into lizards before our very eyes — or, you know, not actually doing that at all. Name a celebrity, and there was a video of them accidentally revealing their lizard eyes or forked tongue.

David Icke - Best Reptilian Shapeshifting

This theory was and is most heavily promoted by former soccer player David Icke. Many have claimed that Icke's theories are anti-Semitic and that "lizard people" is code for "Jewish people," but Icke has maintained, over the last several decades, that he is talking about literal reptilian humanoids who can shapeshift into regular looking humans and are in control of everything.

But lately, Icke has been driven to keep up with the times and has dropped a lot of his lizard talk in favor of more modern bullshit. Like the baseless theory that COVID-19 is actually caused by 5G networks that is leading so many dingbats across Europe to tear down 5G cell towers.

Alas, it is this theory, and not the one about the Lizard People, that got him kicked off of Facebook and that has now gotten him kicked off of YouTube. Icke was warned to stop posting these videos, and continued doing so anyway.

Via The BBC:

"YouTube has clear policies prohibiting any content that disputes the existence and transmission of Covid-19 as described by the WHO and the NHS," a spokeswoman told the BBC.

"Due to continued violation of these policies, we have terminated David Icke's YouTube channel."

The channel had more than 900,000 subscribers at the time it was removed. The last clip Mr Icke had posted on Friday - about his Facebook ban - had about 120,000 views.

YouTube confirmed Mr Icke would not be allowed to start again by setting up a new channel.

Surely, there will be (and are) those out there who claim that this is censorship, and it is. But YouTube isn't the government of any nation; it is a private company that has a right to not publish things that could lead to people dying. That's why they banned the TidePod Challenge videos. They probably wouldn't allow someone to post a "How to murder someone and get away with it" tutorial or a ricin unboxing, either.

There are still thousands of videos on Twitter featuring celebrities "caught" doing reptilian shapeshifting on camera. There are thousands of videos of practically every other dumb conspiracy theory on earth (though frankly, not as many on the phantom time hypothesis as I would like). David Icke is not being "censored" for saying controversial or even obviously untrue things, he is simply not being allowed to spread bullshit that could kill people. Like the TidePod Challenge.

YouTube (which may or may not also be controlled by shapeshifting lizards) will still allow for third party videos featuring Icke to remain on the site, so long as they do not violate their policies regarding COVID-19 misinformation. This means that we can all still watch this interesting-looking documentary on Icke and his weird-ass beliefs.

From Former Sports Reporter to Conspiracy Theorist | the David Icke Story |


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