NRA Official Wanted Sandy Hook Truther To Help Him Prove Parkland Was A Hoax
Wolfgang Halbig

This Monday, Jeremy Richman, the father of a child who was killed in the Sandy Hook massacre, was found dead of an apparent suicide, following the suicides of two of the Parkland shooting survivors. In the weeks, months and years following the brutal murder of his daughter, Richman was plagued by conspiracy theorists claiming that his daughter Avielle never died or never existed and that he was a so-called "crisis actor."

Even through his personal grief and the grief he was given for others, Richman tried his best to do something positive with his experience, creating a foundation in his daughter's name "to support research into brain abnormalities that could be linked to violent behavior."

One of the predators dead set on proving Sandy Hook was a hoax -- and that Jeremy Richman was lying about his murdered daughter -- is an Infowars contributor named Wolfgang Halbig. Halbig has also claimed that Leonard Pozner, another father of a Sandy Hook victim, is a "fictitious character." He's also been known to make up grandiose and false stories about his own life, claiming -- among other things -- to have driven in a motorcade protecting Dr. Martin Luther King during his time as a state trooper, despite the fact that he did not become a state trooper until 1974, a full six years after Dr. King had been assassinated.

And yet, when NRA official Mark Richardson had a "legitimate question" about the Parkland shooting, he decided to contact this same Wolfgang Halbig for his sage advice. Halbig had previously contacted Richardson on a number of occasions, and had once sent him an email claiming that Avielle Richman, Jeremy Richman's daughter, did not die in the Sandy Hook shooting.

Richardson's email was unearthed as part of the discovery process for a lawsuit against Infowars' Alex Jones filed by Sandy Hook parent Scarlett Lewis. Brooke Binkowski, the managing editor of, came across the email in the course of her work as a consultant for Lewis's attorneys; it was published yesterday in a Huffington Post article by reporter Sebastian Murdock.
You have included me with a lot of Information since the Sandy Hook Incident and I do appreciate it very much. Concerning what happened in Florida yesterday, I have been asking the question and no one else seems to be asking it. How is it that Cruz was able gain access to a secured facility while in possession of a rifle, multiple magazines, smoke grenades and a gas mask? To pull the fire alarm, he had to already be inside. Correct? When my Children were in school the only way into the school was through the front door and past the main office. We have been told that he was. Prohibited from entering the building With a backpack. No longer a student, why was he allowed in the building at all? Where was all the equipment, in his back pocket? Just like SH, there is so much more to this story. He was not alone. Just a few questions that have surfaced in the past 24 hours. Thank you for all the information And for what you do. STAY SAFE

STAY SAFE, indeed.

In Halbig's reply to Richardson, he gloats about how this means that no one can call him a FRAUD anymore and claims to have been "the hired School Safety Consultant for the Broward County School Board when designing their school safety Active shooter response plan."

And I am the Queen of Roumania.

Upon being contacted by the Huffington Post, Richardson -- who has been with the NRA since 2006 as a training instructor and program coordinator -- explained that he was just asking Halbig a "legitimate question."

"Since an individual who was prohibited from the school was aloud [sic] to pass through the front doors with a backpack containing a long gun, it is a legitimate question to ask if he had assistance concerning access to the school," Richardson told HuffPost.

He added, "No one else seems to be interested enough to even ask the question?"

This is a lot like saying, "I had a question about lizards, so instead of contacting a lizard scientist, I asked David Icke." Soliciting answers from people known to make shit up is generally a bad idea. Then again, when your "legitimate question" is based on the premise that every school has the exact same floor plan as the school your own kids attended it's probably going to be hard to get "answers" from anyone with half a brain. As someone who was once a teenage smoker, I assure you that it is not all that difficult to get on and off campus undetected.

An NRA official contacting someone like Wolfgang Halbig is not without consequences. Anyone can see this is a guy with some pretty serious delusions of grandeur who desperately wants other people to recognize him as an authority and is willing to make all kinds of things up in order to accomplish that goal. You don't make up things like being in MLK's motorcade unless your whole raison d'etre is trying to impress people with bullshit. The more you encourage someone like this, the worse they are going to get. Given that there are people out there who go around harassing victims of crimes because they believe in his bullshit, encouraging him is a pretty dangerous thing to do.

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