Nuclear Crisis Plan B: Bury Japan In Concrete
  • Conditions at the Fukushima Daiichi plant are worsening by the day, and the general consensus seems to be that the plant's damaged nuclear reactors are beyond repair. Remember when Japan was dumping helicopter-loads of water on the plant, to "cool down" the reactors? Ha-ha, there's been a slight change of plans. Officials have requested the world's largest concrete pump, which is being hastily flown from Atlanta, and then they are going to bury the reactors in concrete. Disaster averted! Meanwhile, the workers who are still at the scene have to share radiation-detection devices -- meaning often times they have no idea how much radiation they are being exposed to -- and they also sleep on the floor, with "only one blanket each to wrap themselves around." Many of these selfless workers are expected to die. Anyway ... Happy April 1st jokes and pranks day! [ABC]
  • "Austrian authorities say they've arrested a man suspected of robbing a series of banks while wearing a Barack Obama mask." [AP]

  • "Only" 32,788 people were killed in traffic accidents in 2010 -- the fewest automobile-related deaths since 1949! (But that's still like ten 911s. And that number does not include "diabetes-related Drive Thru fatalities.") [NYT]


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