New York Times Continues Long Strange Journey Into What Even The Fuck

Newspaper of record? The fuck you say.

Now see here, New York Times, we know you're in the grip of some kind of madness lately. You're actually doing fine with much of your Srs Journamalism, like the great big scoop about Donald Trump trying to use his catchphrase, "You Are No Longer Employed" on Robert Mueller last June. That big newspaper war with WaPo is resulting in good reporting from both papers, but Jesus P. God's Cat on a Roomba, the Times is publishing some weirdass shit, and we don't just mean the constant safaris to Trumpland to learn about the grievances of working class white men with "Liberal Hunting License" stickers on their F-150 pickups. Just this weekend, we got these treats:

A Ross Douthat column with the headline "The Necessity of Stephen Miller," in which the neckbearded dipshit argues in all seriousness that since about a third of Americans hate all foreigns, then any bill to help DACA recipients will only "work" if Stephen Miller gets a veto. You know, like LBJ sought buy-in from the KKK before signing the Civil Rights Act. For a very satisfying point-by-point dismemberment of Douthat's column, please see "Gin and Tacos." Sample:

Douthat: Americans have become more pro-immigration since the 1990s, but there is still a consistent pattern when you ask about immigration rates: About a third of Americans favor the current trend, slightly fewer want higher rates, and about a third, like Miller, want immigration reduced.

Gin et Taceaux: One third, huh? Funny how when large majorities favor some liberal policy it's mob rule, but with right-wing knuckle dragging positions a decent sized minority is more than enough reason to grab the erasers and start making changes.

And that's all that's needed on Douthat's cri de derp for greater "inclusion" of the racist perspective, for diversity's sake.

Also this weekend! The Times did a pretty good profile of Cecile Richards, who's retiring this month as president of Planned Parenthood after having steered the organization past the fake accusations that it was selling fetal organs on eBaybee, a parade of states trying to impose nine-month waiting periods for an abortion, and perpetual Republican efforts to strip Planned Parenthood of funding. We keep forgetting that Ms. Richards is the daughter of Ann Richards, so she's happy to remind us:

“For every person who has come up and said something tacky — as Mom would say — there are literally hundreds of women who have stopped me in the subway, on the street, in an airport to say, ‘thank you,’” she said.

It's a very solid profile of Richards and what she plans to do next -- although, ugh, it ran in the "Style" section because even though it's about a major political figure, that political figure is a lady. So how did the Times plug it on Twitter? With a line that does indeed come from the article, but which isn't even remotely the focus of the profile:

Twitter aficionados will note that ratio between the number of likes (337) and replies (1400+). When a few hundred people like a tweet but thousands are talking about it, that's almost always Twitter shorthand for "You really fucked up and said something stupid."

So yes, Stephen Miller is necessary, but there's a lot of questions about whether Cecile Richards is a hero or deeply evil. Mind you, that proposition was just fine with some guys:

But wait! There's more! The tweet about Richards reminded one reader of another contrast: Back on January 10, the Times ran a piece on Dana "Get ready to kill some blax-n-libs" Loesch. No question of whether she's a hero or deeply evil -- at least not for the Times. Heck, she's the NRA's "Telegenic Warrior":

In short, there's a bit of a trend here, as the great troll "Krang T Nelson" noted last week, even before the Douthat column and the Richards tweet:

We're not sure why the NYT seems so bent on these bizarre attempts to empathize with very bad people -- including of course, that actual Nazi a while back. The shitheads aren't going to rush out and buy NYT subscriptions, you know. Donald Trump isn't going to start tweeting about "the incredibly beautiful New York Times." Eh, then again, they are getting some pissed off mommybloggers writing about several of their terrible dumb fuckups, so maybe there's no such thing as bad publicity.

Next time we do one of these roundups, the links are all going to WaPo articles.

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