Oath Keepers Bench-Slapped After Trying To Get Out Of Jail Based On Non-Existent Vaccine Mandate

Oath Keepers Bench-Slapped After Trying To Get Out Of Jail Based On Non-Existent Vaccine Mandate

Kelly Meggs Mug Shot

US District Judge Amit Mehta has had it up to here with these motherfuckin' cranks in his motherfuckin' courtroom. In an order flagged by Law & Crime, the judge informed January 6 defendants Kenneth Harrelson and Kelly Meggs that he would not, under any circumstances, be accepting any bullshit pleading for them about being Holocausted with COVID vaccine in a DC jail.

Here's the text of the Minute Order that appeared on the docket yesterday in response to the defendants' motion to file a long-ass brief asking to be released from jail to avoid the jab.

Whatever motion Defendants intend to file, the court will stop reading it after page 45. See LCrR 47(e). The court will not allow this case to become a forum for bombastic arguments ("SCOTUS Could Not Have Foreseen the Holocaust," see ECF No. 476-2, at 1) or propagating fringe views about COVID-19 or vaccinations ("A Human Experiment Unlike Any Other," "Pseudo-Science Displaces Science," "Mandatory Everything," "C19 Conspiracy Structure," see ECF No. 476-2, at 2). To this court's knowledge, the D.C. Department of Corrections does not require any person held there to accept a COVID-19 vaccine. If that is the intended basis of Defendants' motion, they must file a brief of no more than five pages (excluding exhibits) establishing such a mandatory policy before the court will accept a longer filing. Signed by Judge Amit P. Mehta on 11/01/2021.

Holy Moly, that is one pissed off federal judge! But what's in this ECF No. 476-2, you are wondering?

Well, that would be the two-page outline of the 145-page brief the defendants' lawyers Brad Geyer and Jonathon Moseley would like to file in support of their motion alleging that the DC Department of Corrections is experimenting on prisoners by forcing them to get vaxxed. See, it's necessary to go 100 pages over the filing limit "To create a proper record and to frame the facts, evidence, and legal issues properly to benefit this Court and to properly serve our clients and humanity, as well as other courts that may be considering similar issues."

Here on Planet Earth, no other court is "considering similar issues" because no jail is mandating vaccinations for prisoners. In fact, the defendants themselves admit that they have not received the vaccine, despite what they allege is "incessant and continued efforts to break them and force them to receive these procedures."

Boo fucking hoo!

So they've submitted a proposed outline of their magnum opus, in which they will demonstrate why a century-old Supreme Court case affirming the government's right to enforce vaccination is wrong actually because "That Was Then; This Is Now" and also "SCOTUS Could Not Have Foreseen The Holocaust."

Sadly, both of these arguments appear on page 46 of the proposed filing, and thus the judge will not be reading them. Ditto for "A Human Experiment Unlike Any Other" (p. 115), "Pseudo-Science Displaces Science" (p. 121), "Mandatory Everything" (p. 121), or "C19 Conspiracy Structure" (p. 122). Nor does it appear that Judge Mehta will be letting Meggs and Harrelson go home any time soon. Meggs, the leader of the Florida chapter of the Oath Keepers, is alleged to have planned to target Speaker Nancy Pelosi with Harrelson, a fellow member of the domestic terrorist group.

Sometimes people get the lawyers they deserve. AHEM.

[US v. Caldwell, Docket via Court Listener / Law & Crime]

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