Oath Keepers Needed To 'Protect' 'Critical' Trump Doc Rep. Ronny Jackson On January 6 WHY Exactly?

The more evidence that comes out about January 6, 2021, the more we learn that the call was coming from inside the House. Specifically, Republican members of Congress, who appear to have been in communication with the violent militia members seeking to overthrow the government.

The latest data set is a 337-page cache placed on the federal docket by Ed Vallejo, one of the 11 Oath Keepers charged with seditious conspiracy for his part in the attack on the Capitol. Vallejo is hoping to sweet talk US District Judge Amit Mehta into releasing him from jail pending trial. It's not clear whether this gambit will work — Vallejo is, after all, the guy who babysat the weapons cache in Arlington and was preparing to drive it in to DC if shit got heavy. But he's probably not endeared himself to his fellow Oafs by putting all this stuff out there on record.

The biggest detail from this document dump, first flagged by Politico, is the reference to Rep. Ronny "Dr. Feelgood" Jackson.

"Ronnie Jackson (TX) office inside Capitol - he needs OK help. Anyone inside?" someone texted to the Oath Keepers group chat at 3 p.m. on January 6 as the insurrectionists were inside the Capitol and Congress was preparing to evacuate the chamber.

"Dr. Ronnie Jackson - on the move. Needs protection. If anyone inside cover him. He has critical data to protect," reads another message at 3:08.

"Help with what," responded head Oaf Stewart Rhodes. "Give him my cell."

We have questions.

Like how did the Oath Keepers know that the Republican congressman, who had actively promoted lies about a stolen election, was "on the move" and in need of "protection"? And what "critical data" was in his possession which the Oath Keepers both knew about and felt the need to protect? Also, what the fuck was a sitting member of Congress doing coordinating with armed domestic terrorists?

For his part, Jackson angrily insists that he had nothing to do with these people.

"Like many public figures, Rep. Jackson is frequently talked about by people he does not know. He does not know, nor has he ever spoke to the people in question," his spox told Politico, before seamlessly pivoting to blame Democrats for trying to smear him.

"The liberal media's attempt to drag him into a 'story' and make him part of something he has nothing to do with is yet another example of why millions of Americans are exhausted by the relentless, biased coverage of January 6th and its continued use as a political tool."

Which is a weird way to say that the Oath Keepers seemed to know his whereabouts on January 6, and now one of them is trying to use that information as a Get Out of Jail Free card.

The rest of the texts are a mixed bag for the Oafs. They spend quite a lot of time talking about weapons. What can they bring in to DC? What are they storing in Arlington? What are they going to do to Antifa when they meet them? What is the best defense for tear gas? What can they carry that looks like something innocuous but can be used as a weapon? (Answer: a lead pipe with a flag attached.)

On the other hand, attorney Jonathon Moseley, who was paid by Sidney Powell's "charity" to represent some January 6 defendants and was recently disbarred, has claimed that the Oafs went to the Capitol not to overthrow the government but rather "to provide security at a demonstration that turned into chaos.” And these texts at least partially back that up.

"Roger Stone just asked for security," Vallejo's co-defendant Jessica Watkins messaged the group on January 1. Kelly Meggs, who is also one of the 11 charged, replied that he was already part of a group planning to guard Stone on Tuesday, January 5. They were also planning to "guard" Mike Flynn that day, and made tentative arrangements to provide a personal security detail (PSD) for Ali Alexander and various rally organizers from Women for Trump and Latinos for Trump.

As Rhodes texted the group on December 31:

This time around we have request for PSD for Ali Alexander (he's had death threats and is asking for a two-man dedicated OK PSD detail); from Bianca (Latinos for Trump) and Marsha (who have their own permitted event on the mall) and also from a patriot billionaire who is friends with Mrs. Blooinger (another speaker). We also have requests to provide security for the Jan 5 event by VA Women for Trump (Flynn scheduled to appear there) and on Jan 6 for Marsha and Bianca's event and to also help with Jericho March events. Much like last time - we will end up helping at all events. Some will have official paid security and we will be out in the crowd acting as additional eyes and ears.

Bottom line, is those of you wanting to do PSD details will get plenty of opportunity. We may also end up assisting the PSD for Alex Jones again. Which was a great feather in our cap. We worked superbly will with both Alex Jones security team (who are awesome guys) and with Praetorian Guard (also awesome veterans - led by SF and SEAL veterans). They LOVE working with us because of our legit "quiet professional" demeanor and skillsets.

It's not clear if any of this stuff ever happened. Nor does their playing bodyguard on January 5 explain what they were doing marching into the Capitol on January 6 in stack formation with the avowed goal of waging "unconventional warfare" and with an arsenal of weapons stashed just across the river. But you can bet their defense is going to spin it like these goons were a band of volunteer crossing guards just trying to keep the peace.

Lotsa fuckin' luck.

[Vallejo Texts / Politico]

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