Obama Steals Election, Again, According to Totally Clear Evidence


We’ve been suspicious about possible voter fraud ever since effeminate numbers demon Nate Silver had a vision during hisPagan Rituals of a comfortable Obama reelection. With the weight of those mathematical odds in your favor, you’d almost be forced to resort to stuffing ballot boxes to remain in office.

Good thing there’s an edgy, investigative media group -- or Dean Chambers, the guy from Unskewed Polls, anyway -- with a passion for journalistic integrity willing to blow the top off this thing! (You would kind of think he'd learned his lesson by now? Nah.)

It’s natural to be uncomfortable with the truth, and we advise against proceeding if you’re not ready to have your mind blown. It ain’t easy to put down the Kool-Aid when you’re thirsty – but if you’re like us, and you want to quench that thirst with something purer, head over to Barackofraudo.com.

They aren’t afraid to make daring arguments few others seem willing to touch. For example, why hasn’t anyone else made the case for using vague hearsay to determine truth?

…so the evidence is often quite circumstantial. In fact, often the circumstantial evidence is all the evidence we have…

Look, sometimes finding the kind of evidence that proves a theory beyond reasonable doubt is super hard, and you just have to make a judgment with monumental implications based on some circumstantial stuff. That’s not to say there isn’t any concrete evidence.

…tens of thousands of bogus votes in the ballot box, we didn't see someone actually put them there, but they are found, they are there, and they are clearly evidence of vote fraud.

Evidences are found, guys. There really isn’t an argument to be made against that. We’re left to fear the worst – the end of Democracy as we know it, eagerly watching this horrifying story develop as the Barack O’Fraudo team works to add a few hundred more words to their page.

Also included is a link to this insightful report, which exposes how the “black Dems” stuffed ballot boxes full of Russian money to rig the 2008 election.



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