Obama To Destroy America (Again) Within The Week, This Time With Messicans

Obama To Destroy America (Again) Within The Week, This Time With Messicans

Hide the children and the sheep, because the end of the world is coming again. And it is President Obama's fault again. According to Hitler Fanboy Racist Piece of Filth Patrick J. Buchanan ("Pat" to his friends), we have exactly one week before the president burns the whole U.S. of A to the ground.

"Executive amnesty will set the country completely on fire. I do agree it might get out the Hispanic vote, but you will have red state Democrats denouncing the president for doing it, for engaging in unconstitutional action. It would be a tremendous firestorm which would really polarize the nation."

Buchanan's pearl-clutching warning that Obama is going to use his secret executive super powers ANY DAY NOW to grant amnesty for all the browns, instead of shipping them back to whatever not-America they came from so they can get killed to death, was issued during Friday's episode of "The McLaughlin Group" -- yeah, that's still a thing apparently -- so you know you should take it very seriously. After all, it airs on various public broadcasting stations (donate now for a tote bag!), and features Very Serious People discussing Very Serious Things, like whether Barack Obama is an Oreo.

We'd love to stick around to further discuss this droll and insightful commentary about Obama's secret plan to steal the election by amnesty-ing all the browns so they can vote Democrat, even though that will apparently piss off all the Democrats, so we are not sure how that works exactly, but whatever, it is "The McLaughling Group, damnit, and Buchanan says, "Barack Obama will do some kind of amnesty for the illegal aliens by Labor Day," so it must be true.

However, given that we are all doused in kerosene and Obama is going to light a match by Labor Day, we need to start packing and heading for the hills. Or at least head to the store to pick up some free-range grass-fed beef. After all, if Obama is burning the whole country to the ground, at least Labor Day is a great day for a barbecue.



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