Obama Wishes Iranians Happy New Year, Forgets To Declare War


What is this, Barack Obama wishing the Iranian people a pleasant Nowruz, or Persian New Year? That is not very warlike, Barack Obama. Haven't you been reading Tha Newz lately? We read this mostly as a "please enjoy your holiday in spite of the intransigent nuts who run your government" message -- who couldn't relate to that? -- sprinkled with a bit of "and also sorry about those sanctions but seriously your government really sucks" subtext. As a consolation prize, Obama offers you in return that "The United States will continue to draw attention to the electronic curtain that is cutting the Iranian people off from the world." Sort of like China, except that the U.S. government is actually bothered by mass censoring of the Internet in your case, Iran. But is that really the issue, Fox Nation commenter dingbats? Let's have a policy debate!

The real problem, according to commenter "voteexceptional," is that Obama is expecting his message will make every Iranian a Christian. What kind of idiot would believe that?

Obama thinks the world believes him. He stupidly uses flattery to try to win Iran over and make them as nice as Christians. Won't work Obama. They are good liars too! Just like you. Lying is part of their culture. They are not Christians Obama.

Good old Christians, always not lying about things. Any other salient points, Fox Nation idiots?

"louisiana_mom:" He celebrates Hanukkah 2 weeks early, forgets all about Easter last year and wishing Christians a Happy Easter but he can remember to wish Iran happy holidays!??!

"mamadore:" BUT, will he wish a nation of Christians a Happy Easter. He didn't recognize it last year except to have an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids, but that had nothing to do with the religious part of Easter and Christ's rising.

Anyway, that right there seems like enough radioactive bat guano to qualify this as a "GOP debate," yeah? There you go, John McCain, you've got a few experts to cite in your next press release arguing for war on Iran. You're welcome. [White House YouTube/ Fox Nation]


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