The number of uninsured Americans continues to decline, as almost 9 out of 10 Americans now have health insurance. This is, of course, proof that Obamacare has completely failed, because the Kenyan Usurper OBVIOUSLY LIED about being able to keep your current insurance plan, and also the website was broken for the first few months. And Socialism. And death panels.

The Gallup-Healthways survey found that the share of adults who lack insurance dropped to 11.9 percent for the first three months of this year, the lowest level since that survey began its tracking in 2008. The latest update overlaps with the period when the health law's second sign-up season was winding down.

Coverage gains from 2014-2015 translate to about 3.6 million fewer adults uninsured since the fall, before open enrollment got under way, according to Gallup.

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In all, since the fall of 2013, when enrollment for the ACA began, approximately 14.75 million adults now have medical insurance who did not have it previously. Expect to hear a rebuttal on talk radio soon, explaining that the numbers are all made up, that the Gallup Organization is in the tank for Obama, or that this one lady in Springfield had her premium go up a whole bunch, so the whole thing's a fraud.

Comparing the most recent open enrollment period with the first year of open enrollment in 2013-2014, the rate of new sign-ups has slowed, since the enrollment period was shorter and "those who had remained uninsured were seen as more skeptical about the value of coverage." Also, too, not everyone is covered yet due to Republican governors and legislatures refusing Medicaid expansion, so suck it, Obama, YOU HAVE FAILED.

One indication that the law is working as intended is that the greatest improvement in coverage has been among people making under $36,000 a year, who had historically had the most trouble finding and keeping insurance. The uninsured rate among that group has "dropped 8.7 points since the end of 2013." So, you know, takers. Sure, they're working, but do they even deserve insurance, really?

The study also noted that while "the economic recovery is likely to be contributing to coverage gains, the uninsured rate is now significantly lower than it was in early 2008, before the recession," adding that this "suggests that the gains in coverage are due to more than an improving economy." Yeah, sure!

Still, depending on just how dickish the Supreme Court decides to be in June when it announces its decision on whether six words in the bill overrule the rest of the law, or if a Republican President and Congress take over in 2017, this might be about as good as it gets. Hooray!

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