Obama’s Approval Rating Looking Awesome Despite One Million Watergates


How much do the sheeple love their terrible president, even though he invented the IRS, pogromed the AP, and murdered Ben Gozzi? According to CNN, the Nile of lame stream media, 53% of Americans still love Barack Obama. What?! That’s 2% more bigger than the last time CNN sounded the depths of American ignorance! Sure, the gain could just be a sampling error, but you know what? The whole damn thing smells like skewed polls to us! Where’s that guy who made up the numbers to help Republicans feel better? No, not Karl Rove, the other guy!

The big takeaway from the new poll numbers, aside from "Obama remains a Jedi," is that despite the fact that Americans are taking at least one of last week’s “big” Washington scandals seriously, Republicans haven’t yet been able to pin the blame on the president. (“More than seven in 10 in the CNN poll say that the targeting by the Internal Revenue Service of tea party and other conservative groups that were applying for tax exempt status was unacceptable.”) Why might this be? Your Wonkette posits a nexus of reasons, after the jump!

First, neither the Tea Party groups allegedly targeted by the IRS, nor conservatives in general, are particularly popular right now, perhaps because they have failed to moderate their core message of “You are a terrible sinner, it’s your fault that you’re poor, science is a lie and lick my gun, sissy!” Moreover, the GOP’s Benghazi overreach, and all the other overreaches and constant promises of The Scandal That Will End The Obama Presidency, may have led many Americans to the conclusion that Republican attacks against Obama are more hyperbole than substance.

Then, of course, there's the recent good news about the economy, which, fine, if people are going to insist on believing that the president has a big ECONOMY switch with "GOOD" and "BAD" settings, what can you do but roll with it?

Mix it all together and you get a hearty gumbo of poll-tested Nice Times for B. Barry Bamz, the first Wizard-American to be elected president, twice times! Of course, you should not expect the GOP to change course even though their strategy of “Obama did all the scandals” isn’t convincing anyone but the GOP base. Convincing the GOP base is pretty much the whole point! For the majority of Republican congresspersons, the greatest threat to their government-provided healthcare is a primary challenger who does not merely think but knows in his heart that the president is black.



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