Obamas Can't Help Dragging Race Into Kwanzaa Statement

Barack and Obama Michelle Obama have released their Annual Perfunctory Message for Kwanzaa:

A "celebration highlighting the rich African American heritage and culture"? Why not just release Michelle's "Whitey" tape while you're at it, Barry?

We'll bet Neil deGrasse Tyson won't dare mock this at all, the big hypocrite.

Yr. Wonkette isn't especially big on Kwanzaa, because what with warring on Christmas and stealing it for The Jews, who has the time? But then, if we have to pretend Scientology is a religion, fine.

Also, too, here is proof that the Obamas are completely just going through the motions with their little Kwanzaa pretense. On Christmas, the First Lady's Tweeter account posted this image of Barack and Michelle desecrating both Christmas and Kwanzaa back in the day:

So much to see in this photo. Barry wears his pretend wedding ring from his fake gay marriage. Michelle has no ring, in deference to Barry's true nature. The "Christmas" tree has an obviously Muslim star on it, as well as a Black Power red fist ornament. And the biggest giveaway of all? Barry's wearing a sweater vest, which as we all know is a desecration of a garment that should only be worn by real Americans like Rick Santorum. E Plebnista!

[WaPo / The First Lady on Twitter / The White House on Twitter]

Doktor Zoom

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